Social Media Marketing for Traditional Businesses

Video Marketing Trends in 2023


Are You Using Video in Your Marketing? As we delve into 2023, the increasing importance of video marketing cannot be overstated. This medium has emerged [...]

Video Marketing Trends in 20232023-12-17T12:19:05-07:00

Social Media Scheduling Tool


There are many different social media scheduling tools available. Some of the popular ones are Buffer, Hootsuite, Loomly, SproutSocial, and many more. Choosing your scheduling tool is not taken [...]

Social Media Scheduling Tool2022-06-08T11:02:37-07:00

Get Better Results from Facebook


Are you frustrated with your Facebook Results? Check out this free tool that will give you suggestions on how you can get better Facebook results. It is called LikeAlyzer This [...]

Get Better Results from Facebook2021-02-22T15:12:06-07:00



Step by Step and Data Visualization Sample Infographic An Infographic tells the viewer information on a process, graphical data, or anything that can be put into an image. [...]


Create Attractive Quotes


Creating Attractive Quotes The EASY way! Do you like the Quotes found on Facebook and Pinterest, but just do not have the skills to create them yourself?  How do they [...]

Create Attractive Quotes2017-11-12T14:06:49-07:00

YouTube One Channel


YouTube One Channel now has a Responsive Design What does THAT mean? YouTube introduced One Channel last week.  With the upgraded look (still optional) your Channel will look and act [...]

YouTube One Channel2021-02-22T15:14:34-07:00

New Google Cover Images


Changes as of March 6th 2013 Last Wednesday Google released their new look. At first I was irritated by the need to redo all my branding images in Google Plus. [...]

New Google Cover Images2021-02-22T15:14:46-07:00

Google Reviews: Company Reviews


Google Reviews ~ Both Business and Personal When business owners think about Google Reviews they are thinking about getting them for their business.  Do you realize that Google creates a [...]

Google Reviews: Company Reviews2017-11-12T17:04:43-07:00

Pinning to Pinterest


Pinterest basics: How to add your Images or Graphics into Pinterest By Dotty

Pinning to Pinterest2017-11-12T17:34:23-07:00

Social Networks


Social Media for Business VerticalResponse polled their clients to get an idea of how business owners are using Social Media and how much they are spending on Social Media.  The [...]

Social Networks2017-11-12T17:41:42-07:00
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