Changes as of March 6th 2013

Last Wednesday Google released their new look. At first I was irritated by the need to redo all my branding images in Google Plus.  Then I realized (thanks to Chris Lang) that the image is not usable across all types of devices – from Smart Phones to large Desktops and TV’s.  It is really quite ingenious ~ but very difficult to get your image perfect on all devices.  When I recreated mine I had to make some sacrifices to get everything to view at least close to my desired result.  I have all the details in the Infographic below.

Here was my thinking while I created this image:

  • Since the top 3rd of the image will not be seen by people using a desktop computer unless they scroll; I left the bottom on my logo showing so it would be obvious there is something to scroll up to see.
  • The Mobile area (upper left part pf image) shows most of my Ask Dotty logo while the profile logo overlays part of it when displayed on my Smart Phone.  I sized it so people would see most of it but not all ~ if I went smaller then I lost the ability for part of it to show on desktops.
  • The Tablet portion (middle 3rd) has the largest sacrifice ~ my image gets covered up by the profile logo on the ipad (and assumably other tablets)
  • The Hovercard (part that shows when someone hovers over your name) shows the entire image.

The dimensions are 2120 px wide by 1192 px tall.  You will find people saying that you do not have to use an image that big – just keep those proportions.  If you use a smaller graphic your image will get pixalated and look bad on some devices.  Use the max size mentioned above for the best results.


This infographic is for Google Plus Pages ~ Personal profiles display differently

New Google Cover Images