This is for YOU DIYers…

  • When you get stuck
  • When you are frustrated
  • When all you need is a little help

Hang out at the Water Cooler with Dotty!


This is for YOU DIYers…

  • When you get stuck
  • When you are frustrated
  • When all you need is a little help

Hang out at the Water Cooler with Dotty!

Simple SEO Hacks To Get More Traffic To Your Website (PDF)

Laura Barker

“I come away with action items that I am capable of implementing!”

~ Laura Barker

Why AskDotty?

Business owners contact me wanting more visibility on the Internet. They need more inquiries and more business from their website.

It is more than just your website. Many things outside of your website will influence your placement in Search Results. If you want better Search Engine Optimization (SEO), you need to look at your website content and your Online Presence overall.

Your Online Presence includes:

  • Your Google Business Profile so that Google knows you exist and will include you in Maps
  • Active social media accounts so that search engines know you are current and relevant
  • Video so that people get to know you and are comfortable calling you
  • Reviews so that you can build trust and confidence for new clients to call
  • Links coming into the website so that search engines know your brand is valid

These are just a few big influencers; there are many more.

I created AskDotty so DIY business owners can learn how to improve visibility and raise their search rankings themselves. You can hire a Search Engine Optimization company for all the technical factors. However, there are many things you can do for yourself. This website is for DIY business owners that want to control their Online presence and get more business.

AskDotty Membership

Techy Stuff Made Easy!

The AskDotty Premium Membership includes:

  • Easy-to-understand monthly Masterclass
  • Question and Answer session
  • Access to all Courses
  • Weekly Creative Time

Courses and Masterclass replays are available inside the AskDotty member portal.

Some of the past masterclass topics were:

  • Google Business Profile
  • YouTube
  • Creating Content
  • Driving More Traffic

The AskDotty membership will be catered to YOUR needs. How cool is that?

March 2023 AskDotty Masterclass

March 30, 2023, @ 4 PM Eastern and 1 PM Pacific

What Is New In Social Media?

I attended the Social media Marketing World conference and will share what I learned.

  • Rethinking YouTube
  • Facebook strategy
  • Short-form video VS long-form video

Why do anything the HARD way when there is an EASY way?

If you are a member of AskDotty, this masterclass is included in your membership. All members can participate LIVE on the call and get their specific questions answered. The replay will be posted for all members as well, and members get access to all past and future masterclasses.

If you want to purchase just this masterclass, it is $45.00. If you are buying and are not a member, you will get access to attend LIVE and a link to the replay.

AskDotty Courses

Blogging Made Easy Product TN

Blogging Made Easy!

Blogging Made Easy! is for busy business owners that want to drive traffic to their website. They also want to become an authority in their industry.
This course has 6 modules with a total of 24 videos. Course material is both video-based and written with a few pdf downloads.

Blogging Made Easy!

Google My Business Made Easy! Course TN

Google My Business Made Easy!

Google My Business Made Easy! is a course for non-techy business owners that want to get their GMB account done correctly and have it bringing them calls and business.

Google Business Made Easy!

Social Media Videos Made Easy

Social Media Videos Made Easy!

This course is for business owners who want to market their business in social media using video. We cover using your own videos, and using stock videos. There are 8 modules.

Social Media Videos Made Easy!

Becky Tengwall

I’m still learning how to put my videos together and having a blast! Dotty did an excellent job of providing all of the tools we need to build short, attractive marketing videos for social media.

Thanks, Dotty!

Becky Tengwall, CEO, I Take The Lead
Darielle Archer

Dotty’s class on creating social media videos was excellent. As a non-techy person it gave me clear, easy to follow steps. She demonstrated how to crop or add titles, and how to use Canva. She provided plenty of resources, in a relaxed presentation.

Darielle Archer, CEO, Positive Choices
Dianne Mandan

Totally overwhelmed with social media or WordPress? That described me until I found Dotty. She gave me several tips to help get things under control. Dotty is tech savvy, creative, talented, and efficient. I highly recommend her courses.

Dianne Mandan, Business Owner
Donna Saladin

Dotty guided me though setting up my business website. When we launched she took the time to “teach” me how to edit the site myself. She was a great fit with  her knowledge on both WordPress and  social media marketing.  I would highly recommend courses.

Donna Saladin, Business Owner
Masterclass Replays

Past Masterclass Replays Available To AskDotty Members

  • 10 Common Website Mistakes That Are Costing You Money!

  • Reviews are the Lifeblood of Your Business

  • YouTube Is Your Friend!

  • Your Website Is LIVE – Now What?

  • How are potential clients finding you?
  • Canva Tips & Tricks

  • Repurposing Content

  • Many more – there is 2+ years of archives

We Help Small Businesses Make More Online Sales

Take advantage of Dotty’s FREE TRAINING. Visit the Facebook Live tab for an archive of LIVE videos. Visit the AskDotty Podcast tab for an archive of her radio call-in show. Dotty answers many questions to get business owners better results from their Digital Marketing efforts. 

Your Instructor - Dotty Scott

Your Instructor – Dotty Scott