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AskDotty Podcast

AskDotty Podcast

Live Podcast sessions are on the second Friday from 1:30 – 2:00 pm. Call in or email your questions for Dotty to answer live on the Podcast.

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Facebook Live Stream

AskDotty FBLive

Join Dotty for a Facebook Live session. Submit your questions, and watch previous sessions.

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Are you a small business owner that struggles to get traffic to your website?

Do you run into technical walls that completely shut you down?

My goal with AskDotty is to empower you to get more business from the Internet and your website.  As a website designer I have seen many small business owners get taken advantage of by so called web professionals.  I want to empower you to have enough knowledge to either do it yourself (or within your company) or to recognize when to outsource the task and how to spot a good outsourcing company.

AskDotty Podcast – Online Marketing Solutions

Join Dotty on PRP Radio the second Friday of each month at 1:30 PM.

Get your questions answered by an expert in helping small business owners get found on the Internet.  Use this form to submit your questions and Dotty will answer them on the radio to help you get “un-stuck” and get your project moving forward again.