Are You An EXPERT?

  • Do you struggle with VISIBILITY in Social Media?
  • Do you have the knowledge to share but don’t know HOW to get your message out there?
  • Do you want to be KNOWN before you are needed?

Be Interviewed LIVE on the
Ask The Expert Podcast

Plus receive…

Receive 10-15 short video clips to repurpose across social media platforms.

Nancy Matthews, Ask the Expert Interviewee

Increased My Visibility!

“Thank you, Dotty. Not only was the expert interview a fun and rewarding experience, but it also increased my visibility! The quality of the video clips you created from the interview has allowed me to create a month’s worth of video content to share across social platforms. Thank you so much!”

~Nancy Matthews, Womens Prosperity Network

Business & Marketing Experts Tell Their Secrets!

Welcome to the Ask the Expert Interview series! Dotty will interview you LIVE and break the interview down into many small videos with your branding and colors.

Here is how it works:

  • You provide your topic and questions
  • We meet via Restream or Zoom for a 30 min interview.
  • You will get the raw footage from the whole interview
  • I will break the Interview down into short videos
  • I will caption and add your logo to the short videos
  • You will receive vertical and horizontal versions of each short video
  • From a 30 min Interview, there are usually 10-15 short videos created

Get Your Ask the Expert Interview Locked In

  • One 30 min LIVE interview with Dotty. This LIVE will be broadcast to Facebook, Youtube, and LinkedIn. It goes LIVE on my social media accounts and can be shared with your social media accounts. If LIVE is not desired, we will privately create the interview in Zoom.
  • You will receive the unedited video of the entire interview.
  • Minimum of 10 short videos edited out of the original interview. You will get both horizontal and vertical versions. These videos will have captions, your logo, and brand colors added.
  • Text files will be included for each short video. These can be copied and used for blog posts or any other text-based post.
  • Once you purchase your package Dotty will be in touch to schedule your Ask The Expert Interview.

Here are a few videos from previous Ask the Expert Interviews. These are similar in quality to the videos you will receive. They are not over-processed commercial-type videos. They are relatable. They are intended to give your potential clients an idea of who you are.

If recorded via Zoom, it will be streamed to one channel, but Speaker View is available for the video. If we use Restream, up to 5 channels can be streamed at once, and the questions the audience asks will be displayed next to the two people talking. Speaker view is not available in Restream. Both examples are shown below.

Ask The Expert Videos

We Help Businesses Owners Gain Visibility

Dotty has had her own business for over 18 years. She knows the struggles that small business owners face when it comes to visibility and shining as the expert we all know you are. Dotty uses her background and experience to pull the right information out for your audience.   

Your Instructor - Dotty Scott

Your Interviewer – Dotty Scott