Online Marketing Strategies that work for Traditional Businesses

Embed a Tweet


How to Get Your Tweets into Your Website Twitter has allowed for embedding for Tweets for quite some time now.  This is the first time I have taken advantage of [...]

Embed a Tweet2017-11-12T13:11:50-07:00

Email Marketing


We all know that email is an effective avenue for marketing.  Here are some interesting email stats pulled from different sources by Salesforce. 25 Mind Blowing Email Marketing Stats from [...]

Email Marketing2017-11-12T13:52:58-07:00

Content Curation: Blog Content


Blog Content: How to find Content for your Blog Finding content for your blog is not hard ~ it can come from your knowledge or someone else's knowledge.  The [...]

Content Curation: Blog Content2019-03-18T13:07:26-07:00

What can Social Media do for you?


Business Owners get frustrated with Social Media Then they give up and say “It just does not work for me.”  Many business owners do not realize all the benefits that [...]

What can Social Media do for you?2014-08-13T14:13:22-07:00

Are you Marketing your Why?


This is a VERY interesting take on marketing.  Distinguish your company by marketing your Why before the benefits of the product or service.  This is an 18 minute video - [...]

Are you Marketing your Why?2017-11-12T14:10:03-07:00

Leverage Facebook: Grow Your Coaching Practice


Is Facebook Smart Advertising? Facebook can be very useful for reaching your ideal client, if it is used correctly.  So many people are confused about what to post on Facebook, [...]

Leverage Facebook: Grow Your Coaching Practice2017-11-12T17:09:24-07:00

Google Ranking: How Does Google Rank My Website?


All business owners want the answer to these questions~ How will my website get ranked in the Search Engines? or I want better Search Engine Placement ~ How can I [...]

Google Ranking: How Does Google Rank My Website?2017-11-12T17:11:18-07:00

Facebook Timeline


Have you filled in your Timeline? Just activating your Timeline is not actually filling it in.  Before you can use Milestones (which you need to be doing) then you need [...]

Facebook Timeline2017-11-12T17:27:30-07:00

YouTube Playlists: Organize your Videos


YouTube Added Playlists How can this help you?  If you are like me then you have a few videos uploaded on YouTube that may not be business related.  You know [...]

YouTube Playlists: Organize your Videos2017-11-12T17:18:29-07:00

Search Engine Optimization: Basics for Business Owners


Business owners know a few things about Search Engine Optimization ~ it is expensive, difficult, and needs to be outsourced. I am here to tell you a secret – are you ready? Are you listening? SEO is not hard, not complicated, and not beyond your reach.

Search Engine Optimization: Basics for Business Owners2018-12-07T13:34:36-07:00

Internet Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses


How Can Effective Internet Marketing Skills Benefit Your Business? What stops most small business owners from marketing their business is knowledge, a plan and a vision of the newest Internet [...]

Internet Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses2018-12-07T13:37:20-07:00

Online Marketing Strategies for Traditional Businesses


The Online Marketing Strategies That Work the Best The following marketing strategies apply to any of the following businesses:  Finance, Insurance, Real Estate, Brick-and-Mortar, Construction, Cleaning, Services, Health Industry, Sales, [...]

Online Marketing Strategies for Traditional Businesses2018-12-07T13:39:24-07:00
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