Reviews for AskDotty

Becky Tengwall

I’m still learning how to put my videos together and having a blast! Dotty did an excellent job of providing all of the tools we need to build short, attractive marketing videos for social media.

Thanks, Dotty!

Becky Tengwall, CEO, I Take The Lead
Darielle Archer

Taking Dotty’s class on creating social media videos, was excellent. As a non-techy person it gave me clear, easy to follow steps. She used a  share screen to show how to crop or add titles, and how to use Canva. She provided plenty of resources, in a relaxed presentation, with authenticity.

Darielle Archer, CEO, Positive Choices
Dianne Mandan

Totally overwhelmed with social media or WordPress? That described me until I found Dotty. In just a few short minutes she gave me several tips to help get things under control. Dotty is tech savvy, creative, talented, efficient and very easy to work with. I recommend her courses to all who need assistance managing technology & social media. 

Dianne Manheimer Mandan, Business Owner
MJ Charles

Dotty tells a story as she teaches.  She teaches in a personable, yet professional, manner. The instructions were spot on, lending credence to her belief that I could do this myself. I highly recommend for all the right reasons – the videos are clear, obviously a good value, professionally performed and easy to understand. is almost a no-brainer and I will be returning. 

MJ Charles, Author
Donna Saladin

Dotty guided me though the information I needed to help her setup up my business website and when we finally launched the website she took the time to “teach” me how to navigate and edit the site myself.

She was a great fit with  her knowledgeable information on both WordPress and  social media marketing.  I would highly recommend courses.

Donna Saladin, Business Owner
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