Learn blogging methods that traditional businesses can utilize

How to Automate Your WordPress Site


This guide will show you how to automate your WordPress site in 60 seconds or less. We'll also share valuable tools and tips to help make [...]

How to Automate Your WordPress Site2022-12-29T15:17:15-07:00

Website Copy Tips


Better Website Copy Tips Dotty interviews Wordsmith Abbi Wood about better ways to create the text on your website and other marketing pieces. Abbi works with business owners [...]

Website Copy Tips2023-02-08T12:12:17-07:00

Content Curation: Blog Content


Blog Content: How to find Content for your Blog Finding content for your blog is not hard ~ it can come from your knowledge or someone else's knowledge.  The [...]

Content Curation: Blog Content2019-03-18T13:07:26-07:00

Blogging Tool: Post to Twitter


WP to Twitter Plugin This is a plugin that I use on all my blogs.  It will automatically post your content to Twitter when you create a new blog post.  [...]

Blogging Tool: Post to Twitter2017-11-12T18:18:23-07:00

Blogging: You Can Do It!


What is a Blog? Blogging is really not that hard.  A blog is simply a type of website that is easy to use for the non technical person.  It makes [...]

Blogging: You Can Do It!2017-11-12T18:20:48-07:00

Keyword Research for Blogging


How To Keyword: Find the Right Keywords Finding Keywords is a very common question from my clients.  There really is an easy method if you are willing to learn it - [...]

Keyword Research for Blogging2017-11-12T17:46:33-07:00

Blogging: A Business Blog with Purpose


How to Blog Business owners hear that they need to Blog ~ but have no clue How to Blog! They think it is: Hard Technically Challenging Complicated Time Consuming “I [...]

Blogging: A Business Blog with Purpose2018-12-10T20:55:59-07:00

Blogging Strategies for Traditional Businesses


Businesses Benefit from Blogging Blogging has moved from the Geek world into mainstream Internet Marketing.  Everyone is jumping on the bandwagon - Traditional Businesses, Government Entities, Musicians, Moms, Non-Profits - [...]

Blogging Strategies for Traditional Businesses2018-12-10T20:59:55-07:00
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