Learn blogging methods that traditional businesses can utilize

Content Curation: Blog Content


Blog Content: How to find Content for your Blog Finding content for your blog is not hard ~ it can come from your knowledge or someone else's knowledge.  The [...]

Content Curation: Blog Content2019-03-18T13:07:26-07:00

Blogging Tool: Post to Twitter


WP to Twitter Plugin This is a plugin that I use on all my blogs.  It will automatically post your content to Twitter when you create a new blog post.  [...]

Blogging Tool: Post to Twitter2017-11-12T18:18:23-07:00

Blogging: You Can Do It!


What is a Blog? Blogging is really not that hard.  A blog is simply a type of website that is easy to use for the non technical person.  It makes [...]

Blogging: You Can Do It!2017-11-12T18:20:48-07:00

Keyword Research for Blogging


How To Keyword: Find the Right Keywords Finding Keywords is a very common question from my clients.  There really is an easy method if you are willing to learn it - [...]

Keyword Research for Blogging2017-11-12T17:46:33-07:00

Blogging: A Business Blog with Purpose


How to Blog Business owners hear that they need to Blog ~ but have no clue How to Blog! They think it is: Hard Technically Challenging Complicated Time Consuming “I [...]

Blogging: A Business Blog with Purpose2018-12-10T20:55:59-07:00

Blogging Strategies for Traditional Businesses


Businesses Benefit from Blogging Blogging has moved from the Geek world into mainstream Internet Marketing.  Everyone is jumping on the bandwagon - Traditional Businesses, Government Entities, Musicians, Moms, Non-Profits - [...]

Blogging Strategies for Traditional Businesses2018-12-10T20:59:55-07:00
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