Search Engine Optimization techniques that traditional businesses can utilize

Google Marketing Strategy


Why Google Business Profiles are Key to Local SEO Success The role of Google Business Profile (GBP) in your online marketing strategy cannot be overstated. [...]

Google Marketing Strategy2023-12-17T12:49:11-07:00

Gaining Backlinks


Gaining Backlinks from Forums Get higher rankings from this one strategy Today I want to tell you one easy thing you can do to help your website [...]

Gaining Backlinks2020-10-25T13:42:26-07:00

The Future of Search


Where is Search headed? Would it help your business if you had a "heads-up" on the future of Google Search?  Would you start now preparing for what is rolling out [...]

The Future of Search2017-11-12T13:54:52-07:00

10 SEO Tips for Small Business Owners


Search Engine Optimization that YOU can do! As a Small Business owner you cannot afford to hire out all your website optimization. Website optimization is an ongoing process that requires [...]

10 SEO Tips for Small Business Owners2014-10-13T07:37:06-07:00

Google Ranking: How Does Google Rank My Website?


All business owners want the answer to these questions~ How will my website get ranked in the Search Engines? or I want better Search Engine Placement ~ How can I [...]

Google Ranking: How Does Google Rank My Website?2017-11-12T17:11:18-07:00

Keyword Research for Blogging


How To Keyword: Find the Right Keywords Finding Keywords is a very common question from my clients.  There really is an easy method if you are willing to learn it - [...]

Keyword Research for Blogging2017-11-12T17:46:33-07:00

Local Search for Traditional Businesses


This video was done with the Portland Oregon ~ Vancouver Washington area in mind. There are websites for any large metropolitan area - you will just need to do a [...]

Local Search for Traditional Businesses2017-11-12T17:52:40-07:00

Search Engine Optimization Guarantees


What to look for and avoid when choosing an SEO company. Become a wiser person when selecting who to outsource your Search Engine Optimization too.

Search Engine Optimization Guarantees2017-11-12T17:48:58-07:00

Search Engine Optimization


What does Organic SEO really mean? Organic search engine optimization does not mean chemical free. It simply means search engine rankings that are not paid for by a Pay Per [...]

Search Engine Optimization2018-12-10T21:01:32-07:00

Bing: Local Search for Local Businesses


Microsofts new search engine - Bing - is a great thing for local businesses. The new search engine focuses on local search - what could be better for a traditional business? There is a process to claim your business and get it listed on Bing.

Bing: Local Search for Local Businesses2020-12-09T12:31:17-07:00
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