Creating Attractive Quotes The EASY way!

Do you like the Quotes found on Facebook and Pinterest, but just do not have the skills to create them yourself?  How do they find the photos, add the text, and make it all look awesome?

You could use a program like Photoshop and futz away 30-60 min creating the perfect quote/image combination ~ or you could do it in 1 min or less using a fun tool!

Quozio is a website that does 1 thing – match quotes to background images and fonts.  You input your quote and the person that said it.  They add an image and a cool font for you.  Don’t like the image ~ feel free to choose another one.  Currently there are 38 to choose from.  They very from images to colored textures.  It is my hope they will allow us to upload our own images some day.  Currently that is not offered.

Your final Quote Creation can be Pinned on Pinterest, Shared on Facebook, or emailed to yourself and used on your own website or blog.  If you create a free account they can also be saved for future use.

Easy Steps to Creating Your Quote

Creating Attractive Quotes

Creating Attractive Quotes


Quozio is a fun, free website so go forth and create some amazing quotes to use in your Social Media and Website!