Social Media Marketing for Traditional Businesses

Facebook for Business: Facebook Milestones


Facebook Milestone Example - Thank You Card How can Facebook Milestones help your business? Think about when you are making a decision to use a specific service or [...]

Facebook for Business: Facebook Milestones2021-02-22T15:12:39-07:00

Leverage Facebook: Grow Your Coaching Practice


Is Facebook Smart Advertising? Facebook can be very useful for reaching your ideal client, if it is used correctly.  So many people are confused about what to post on Facebook, [...]

Leverage Facebook: Grow Your Coaching Practice2017-11-12T17:09:24-07:00

Facebook Timeline


Have you filled in your Timeline? Just activating your Timeline is not actually filling it in.  Before you can use Milestones (which you need to be doing) then you need [...]

Facebook Timeline2017-11-12T17:27:30-07:00

YouTube Playlists: Organize your Videos


YouTube Added Playlists How can this help you?  If you are like me then you have a few videos uploaded on YouTube that may not be business related.  You know [...]

YouTube Playlists: Organize your Videos2017-11-12T17:18:29-07:00

Blogging Tool: Post to Twitter


WP to Twitter Plugin This is a plugin that I use on all my blogs.  It will automatically post your content to Twitter when you create a new blog post.  [...]

Blogging Tool: Post to Twitter2017-11-12T18:18:23-07:00

FanPage For Business


Why a Fanpage? I get this question almost daily ~ so here is the answer... If you would like these Online Marketing Tip of the Week emailed right to your [...]

FanPage For Business2021-02-22T15:12:51-07:00

FaceBook Pages: Market Your Business with Facebook


How to benefit by Marketing with Facebook I get this question all the time - Facebook is so personal - how can I use it for my business? The answer - Facebook Pages.

FaceBook Pages: Market Your Business with Facebook2018-12-07T13:40:14-07:00

Twitter is your Friend


How to use Twitter successfully! Twitter can be a confusing technology.  I often get asked, "What's the point?"  There are 2 ways to use Twitter - the right way and [...]

Twitter is your Friend2018-12-07T13:44:44-07:00

Twitter as a Business Tool?


Twitter Can Bring You Business As a web designer I often get asked how to use Twitter as a business tool.  I would like to take a moment and outline [...]

Twitter as a Business Tool?2018-12-07T13:48:59-07:00

LinkedIn: Benefits For Traditional Businesses


Using Social Sites to Create Backlinks to Your Business Website When I first joined LinkedIn – I was like most average business owners – registered because someone invited me and [...]

LinkedIn: Benefits For Traditional Businesses2018-12-10T20:52:12-07:00
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