Social Media Marketing for Traditional Businesses

YouTube Playlists: Organize your Videos


YouTube Added Playlists How can this help you?  If you are like me then you have a few videos uploaded on YouTube that may not be business related.  You know [...]

YouTube Playlists: Organize your Videos2017-11-12T17:18:29-07:00

Blogging Tool: Post to Twitter


WP to Twitter Plugin This is a plugin that I use on all my blogs.  It will automatically post your content to Twitter when you create a new blog post.  [...]

Blogging Tool: Post to Twitter2017-11-12T18:18:23-07:00

FanPage For Business


Why a Fanpage? I get this question almost daily ~ so here is the answer... If you would like these Online Marketing Tip of the Week emailed right to your [...]

FanPage For Business2021-02-22T15:12:51-07:00

FaceBook Pages: Market Your Business with Facebook


How to benefit by Marketing with Facebook I get this question all the time - Facebook is so personal - how can I use it for my business? The answer - Facebook Pages.

FaceBook Pages: Market Your Business with Facebook2018-12-07T13:40:14-07:00

Twitter is your Friend


How to use Twitter successfully! Twitter can be a confusing technology.  I often get asked, "What's the point?"  There are 2 ways to use Twitter - the right way and [...]

Twitter is your Friend2018-12-07T13:44:44-07:00

Twitter as a Business Tool?


Twitter Can Bring You Business As a web designer I often get asked how to use Twitter as a business tool.  I would like to take a moment and outline [...]

Twitter as a Business Tool?2018-12-07T13:48:59-07:00

LinkedIn: Benefits For Traditional Businesses


Using Social Sites to Create Backlinks to Your Business Website When I first joined LinkedIn – I was like most average business owners – registered because someone invited me and [...]

LinkedIn: Benefits For Traditional Businesses2018-12-10T20:52:12-07:00
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