Get In Touch with Your Superpower!

Dr. Tianna Conte - Get In Touch with Your Superpower!Dotty: Welcome everybody to Hello hump day and I absolutely hope that your weekly goal is halfway met. Today we are going to have a very lively conversation with Dr. Tianna Conte. I’m going to read her bio for those that don’t know her.

Dr. T on it is a trailblazing mystic, eternal entrepreneur, and an international best-selling author of multiple books on transformation. She is the founder of the Awakening Awareness Academy that empowers visionary entrepreneurs, coaches, and healing experts to live successfully and fulfilled in actualizing, their soul’s calling in service of others. After spiritual awakenings, including her near-death experience, Tianna brings an intuitive knowing for accelerating your entrepreneur journey. Her career has spanned 40 years as a natural path, interfaith minister initiated shaman Reiki Master and psycho-spiritual therapist specializing in the mind-body energy medicine.

Welcome, Dr. Tianna,

I would love to hear the story of how you decided to be an eternal entrepreneur over an employee.

The making of a superpower

Dr. Tianna: Okay, well, here’s the funny part, you have to go direct to the source, aka whatever you call God. Whether you call God higher power, higher self. Because I never planned it as a child, and I’m sure everyone, when they’re children have a special proclivity to something that they love doing. Ever since I was five years old, I discovered, and I thought everybody had this gift, I could see the energy blockages in the body.

I started as a child laying hands-on boo-boos to make them better. One day, I did a diagnosis at age seven that transformed my life. You know those pivotal moments in life, those defining moments that everybody wants and waits for. I was seven years old when mine arrived. My father was a medical doctor, and really a holistic healer without knowing it in the age of the 1950s. I’m dating myself. Yeah, he had a case he couldn’t diagnose. He was beside himself. This is a point for all parents to hear, never dismiss your child. Because what I said is Daddy,  I can help you. He looked at me and said, “How can you help Daddy?” I said I see a mosquito in that man’s face.  The man had malaria.

So at age seven, I did my first medical intuitive diagnosis. That started my career. Because I was totally spot on.

Then I got the gift of a lifetime. He said, okay, for the patients will say yes, you could come into the office. Oh, God, that’s like being handed the keys to the kingdom.

Here’s where the training comes in.  These are not today’s new age consciousness folks but look at the connection. So what’s going on in your life, look at the connections always listen for the connections that are causing you to have an upset stomach that has irritation. The husband is making me sick and bla bla bla, right? And my father saying,  I feel the anger is hurting you, not your husband. So what are you going to do about the anger?

So look, body, and emotion, I never separate them. I can’t.  Because you can’t change him, you’ve got to change you. So I learned, you could only change the person you face in the mirror every day, you can’t change the outside world, you are responsible.

Dotty: That is a hard lesson for most people to learn.

Dr. Tianna: Exactly, but I watch this, day in and day out. I witness this day in and day out, day in and day out. I even as much as stub my toe, I thought, okay, what’s going on in my life, that I now stubbed my toe. I was a child doing that connection.

That’s what led me to pre-med. And then, of course, I had a really serious sacred calling. You might say that when I left med school I thought I was just going to travel the world. Run an import-export business. But again, higher power had a different thing in mind.

Everywhere I went, they took me to their shamans, their healers, their medicine, men and women. I studied Voodoo in Haiti. I became a Peruvian Shaman in Peru.  I went into the Brazilian jungles with all sorts of healers, and aliens, but that’s a whole other story.

So that’s how it unfolded. So all I’ve been doing is keep on healing, healing, healing.

Then I was into biofeedback. That was one of my passions. Again, another twist of fate. I became involved in the mood rings. I don’t know if you remember them. That was a biofeedback instrument for stress release that if your ring was blue, it meant you were relaxed. If it was black, it meant you were tense. And so you need to release stress. You know, management, you don’t really manage stress, you learn how to channel it creatively.

Dotty: But I always thought those mood rings were if your skin was hot or cold.

Dr. Tianna: I became involved with the marketing of them back in my 20’s. If you’re blue, you’re passionate. If you’re black, you’re frigid. Ah, next, sex and sales go together. Seductive, selling. Well, I started becoming a top earner.

I wasn’t working for a company. I was working freelance. Then I had the idea because it was a fad item. Again, when you’re relaxed and taking care of your self-care, you get these ideas. That’s the soul whispering.

But if you have a monkey, the mind goes on and on. Can’t hear it. So I came up with at that time, little index cards that said, be your own boss. Money-back guarantee. Here’s my phone number. Okay, you sitting for this one, Dotty.

I am in the 1970s. I had hundreds, if not 1000s of high school and college kids selling for me. I bought the mood rings at $3 a box. I sold it to them for $12 a box and showed them how to sell it. I was teaching entrepreneurial skills to work buddies. And I was earning 10 to 20,000 a month usually in cash.

Dotty: We won’t share that with the IRS.

Affiliate Marketing in the ’70s?

Dr. Tianna: No, no, no, I did.  I’m clean. I did because I also had expenses. The wild part is I saw affiliate marketing before I even knew what affiliate marketing was. One person tells another, and so on.

Dotty: Yeah, affiliate marketing is common now, but in the 70s I don’t even think it had a name.

Dr. Tianna: No. But I realized it was an idea that got sparked. Right, so that’s why I’ve always worked for myself. I call on God directly. He is my only employer because I’m psychologically unemployable at this point. I don’t have to have a plan B.

Dotty: I’m the same way. I say I’m 100% unemployable.

Dr. Tianna: Yeah, me too. I’ve never been employed.  I knew I was unemployable at that point. And I was very blessed. Because I found my way by listening to guidance, being very creative.

That’s why I tell people I discovered a book, Think and Grow Rich, recognized by all entrepreneurs. One idea is all you need.  Notice I never said the word broke. Yeah, he’s a millionaire. Yeah, rest in your own gifts. Because we’re all born with unique soul gifts.

Dotty: So how long did your mood ring thing last?

Dr. Tianna: Oh, that was just a fad item that just lasted for two or three months. But I got the taste of not dollars per hour, but ideas per enterprise.

Dotty: So what came next?

Dr. Tianna: I started my own spa company. I went to people’s homes and gave spa treatments. In the 80s. I had, you know, because I was trained, I had a lot of clients. Then I had so many clients that I started giving it to other people and becoming a referral source. But then I thought, “What a great idea. I love getting my massages at home”. Again, an idea. What if we specialize in it? I’m a Reiki Master. So I gave everybody a unique signature of Reiki. I would send my massage therapists and estheticians to people’s homes to create a sanctuary in your home. That’s your healing space.

Dotty: So you weren’t necessarily doing all the work. You had employees working for you.

Dr. Tianna: Never an employee. I wanted everyone to be their own boss. I was just what do you call it? I don’t even know what I was called. You were managing them. Yeah, I was managing them. I was doing the marketing. I was doing the attracting. I was also seeing private clients myself. I love working with clients privately myself. I only chose the ones I wanted to work with. Anybody else I sent out. So it was wonderful. It worked for everybody.

Yeah, I was giving them clients. I had great clients. I work with everyone from students to celebrities and housewives. I was equal opportunity, the policy of our company was to listen. We never turned anyone away because of money. So everybody could afford our services, even if it had to be a creative exchange.

Dotty: That sounds like a really good gig. What made you quit that and do something different?

Sacred Wounds

Dr. Tianna: Oh, great question. When my husband passed away, my fire just went out. I have a lot of integrity as everyone I’m sure who is in our world does. That is if I’m listening to you, but I’m thinking, “you think you have a problem, you should see what I’m going through”, you can’t be seeing clients. Right?

So that’s why I stopped the practice, stopped everything. I was blessed. I went back to studying with shamans, spiritual masters and, you know, I took everything of Tony Robbins. I took all of the programs, some of them I was the first to finish. To get my fire back. Then I got my fire back. But the world changed. I feel like Rip Van Winkle. You know, suddenly everything was online.

Dotty: So was in like the 2000s or so?

Dr. Tianna:  I had already written several bestsellers because I took my grief and used it. When you have pain, you feel it. You work with it, and you transform it into your fuel, your purpose to bless others so they don’t have to suffer the way you did. Well, let me tell you I got to walk my talk.

What came out of it were three best-selling books. Half a dozen others, a movie, and the GPS code, which is my signature program. But then I had all this great creative material,  how do you disseminate it? You got to go online. And that’s been the latest journey at which we have talked about getting. An online presence that’s worthy of an online presence, right? Because I used to be known as that the best-kept secret because it wasn’t really a secret. I was known as the mystery school approach to Egyptian initiation of self mastery and awakening, since I started my practice in the 80s.

Dotty: I don’t even know what that means.

Create Your Reality

Dr. Tianna: Well, it means you create your reality, you are the master, you are totally responsible for all of it. But I used to teach it just a wee bit differently. What you consciously created, I called it, you create your reality. I called it you’re attracted to reality. And so it was like a little bit of a disconnect.

Dotty: But a lot of people attract things that they don’t want.

Dr. Tianna: Right, that is their thought process. I’m going to tell you a secret that’s very naughty. It’s a myth buster. It’s not about your mindset. You can work on your mindset until the cows come home. It is about your limiting beliefs and past wounds. That’s basic 101 of what you’re still conscious of.

It’s the emotions that hold your secrets. It’s the soul and the heart. Guess what, you bypass the conscious mind, you go straight to source as I do with my clients. That’s why I was super successful. I never realized because of my own sacred wounds, I just went straight to the source. These are the words I heard.

Few people could survive much less turn around and thrive. I give God the glory, higher self, higher power, whatever you want to call it. Because I  could have been just totally destroyed after my dad passed away, but I heard these words, surrender each day, step by step, you’ll be shown the way.

What does that mean? I’m 13 my dad’s gone. I was sexually violated by a trusted family member. My mother had a psychotic breakdown and I had a legally blind sister. I had to take care of the family. If that doesn’t catapult you to believe in a higher source and higher power, I do not know what will.

That’s what ended up happening. I heard those words. So every day, this is how I start my day. The gift I’d love to give everybody if they go to the Academy, Dotty, they can pick it up, is the video that I did infuse with Reiki energy, and this frequency powers to start your day. That was an alarm clock, not with coffee, but through silence.

You might get a dream that gives you the answer. Be still before you jump out of bed and say good morning God, or good god, it’s morning, whatever your phrase is. I’m an interfaith minister. So it’s not about religion. We are all spiritual beings. I come from the approach that we are spiritual beings having a human experience that human beings having a spiritual experience. I live knowing that. I encourage everyone to live that knowing.

But in any case, in that quiet, that’s where I got my ideas that have transformed my life. So surrender whatever you cannot control each day, it’s a daily habit. My success far outweighs what you read about in personal development books.

Be still and know that I am God, the expression, the wave in the ocean, the flame in the fire that is what saved my life. It turned around a 13-year-old who was suicidal. That’s why I’ve always encouraged my clients to take a step. I don’t care how small it is. Don’t judge yourself. But the joke is, God cannot drive a parked car. So if you’re co-driving with God, if you’re close to Creating then on the ignition. I put it in Drive, put one foot on the gas, the universe will match it.

That’s what started happening. Step by step you’ll be shown the way. And could I have thought that I didn’t know what I was gonna be when I grew up? Oh, and this is another myth I’m going to pass on. Clarity is power. But guess what all of us who like me is not clear. If you put no clarity on the default of your higher nature, higher power, it beats anything your conscious mind comes up to. If somebody would have told me, you’re going to be a best-selling author, but I can’t even write a sentence, or I didn’t think I could write a sentence. You’re going to get a spiritual system, the GPS code that brings people into alignment and embodiment of a higher self. Do you think my vision could have gotten there? I can take care of my mother and sister at age 13. Earning money on my own.

Dotty: Most people don’t have that push at that age to do anything.

Dr. Tianna: Right. So I came through a sacred wound, which after my husband passed away, and by the way, Dotty when he passed away, we were kissing, I was doing CPR. Oh, wow. A kiss because we had a rule. Never leave me without a kiss to remember. Because of the twists and turns of life. You never know what the next twist will bring. True. So he came back from going into the light to pucker up and kiss. I thought oh my god, I had a near-death experience. We were always playfully competitive. I thought he was coming back. So I could bring him back into physical reality.

Instead, another sacred wound, I go into the light with him. Now I think I’m dying. That was the sacred route. I was ecstatic. I called death, the ultimate orgasm because you just dissolve. You dissolve into oneness with love. Because that’s who we truly are. I am love. I am light is not an affirmation, folks. It’s a confirmation of the truth of your being.

I thought I was dying in my 40’s. Does it get any better than that?  No, it sent me back. This is 1997. Okay, I came back and I said if there is a God and if you’ve guided me once well come on I’m not going to do it. Affirmation, no visualization, no goal setting no intent. If there was to be an intention, I want to die quickly or awaken my soul’s blueprint. Where do those words come from, awaken my soul’s blueprint?

We all are born with a soul’s blueprint, we are overlaid with human conditioning. And that’s the game, how to take off the conditioning and reveal your true self.

That’s what the Academy is dedicated to. That’s what I realized. The GPS code, those words that I said, surrender each day, step by step, you’ll be shown the way. That is living unconsciously competent to the code. It’s a code of light that now is consciously competent.

That’s what I teach. That’s the signature program. That is my soul’s blueprint, or what I love to call it. We all have soul powers. That’s just superpowers, soul powers, and that’s my sole power. That’s what I offer. And that’s what my life has been about with sacred wound after sacred wound. I could tell somebody when I would work with clients, and they would feel victimized because it was really tragic. That’s what I would reveal my story to empower them to say, I could do that, at 13 years old.

With this kind of aloneness, no support, but a direct source. I can show you the way through your darkness, you have the power, equal or greater to anything you’ve ever had to go through. Let’s go through it, I became stronger than before. And that’s what built a career out of nowhere, out of nowhere with no formal training. Then I got the training afterwards to give credibility to what I was doing naturally. So I did everything backward.

Dotty: This has been a fascinating conversation.

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