Three Fails and a Huge Win!

Conde BartlettHello everybody. Welcome to Hello Hump Day. We are interviewing Conde Bartlett today, and I’m going to go ahead and read her bio for those of you who don’t know her.

Conde is the owner of Divine Momentum and the founder of Manifesting Unlimited Abundance Facebook group. She helps healers, coaches, and spiritual entrepreneurs manifest an abundant income and impact the world doing what they love. We all want to make an impact.

Conde is a modern mystic born into a family of people with extraordinary supernatural gifts. Her unique abilities allow her to see what is possible for people and clear what’s been holding them back from manifesting their heart’s desires. Conde is a world-renowned intuitive healer and a channel for the collective. She is a catalyst for change and a personal and spiritual fulfillment strategist. She facilitates change in minutes when it usually could not be accomplished in years, if at all. Welcome, Conde.

Conde: Thank you. I’m glad to be here. Thank you, Dotty, for inviting me, and thank you, audience, for being here.

Dotty: So, Conde, I have known you for a very long time. I think you are one of the first people I met when I started my business. What you were doing then is very different from what you’re doing now.

So I have two enormous questions for you.  The first is: How did you start where I met you?

The Second: What was your journey like to evolve into what you are now?

Conde: Okay. Let’s see, How did I get here? Well, entrepreneurially speaking, I was influenced by my dad, who was an entrepreneur. He had a little watch shop, and he fixed watches and jewelry. I would go there and help him in the summer. I would select watches and clocks. I take them apart and put them back together. So maybe that’s how this kind of seeing what’s possible thing happened is that I’m able to sort of taking that same kind of experience and take things apart and put them back together in a new way that kind of that reinventing sort of thing.

So how did I get here? Well, it was a long journey. I would say this is one of my favorite stories. I was born into this family of incredible, extraordinary people. My dad could bilocate. He gives readings to people past, present, and future with astonishing accuracy. My mother, my sister, talked telepathically. I was healed from epilepsy when I was four years old. And all that being said, I thought my family was typical. You know, it wasn’t until I got to school that I realized this wasn’t normal and that other people’s families did not have these types of like skillsets.

So, it wasn’t until I was probably high school age before I decided I would do what was expected socially. That led to several years of being chronically ill, and then I almost lost my life. I spent a night in the ICU and a good solid week in the hospital with plenty of time to think about things, and I realized being average was killing me.

Dotty: So you were trying to force yourself to be like everybody else.

Conde: Well, I was trying to be somebody else. I wasn’t even myself. I didn’t like myself; I didn’t love myself; I didn’t love my life. It was a joke. So this was kind of like my rerouting from the Universe. It was like, “Oh, you know, this thing about being normal… maybe it’s time for you to really think about what your purpose is here and maybe start, you know, understanding more about yourself loving yourself a little.”

So while I was lying in that hospital bed, I had plenty of time to think. I’m like, okay, what’s missing? What’s got to change? Number one was that I wanted to find a natural way to heal my body and ultimately reclaim my health. Right. So that was my number one goal. My first goal was that I lost my connection to the Divine Source, God, Love, whatever you call it, whatever your higher power is, I lost it. I have not connected anymore. I had this idea that I was doing this all alone, life was happening to me, so sad, and I was in the hospital. So I made those two choices. And when I left the hospital, I went out on a journey, and I started to work with every practitioner I could find. Find a way to heal. I probably worked with over 100 people, some were just quacks and fakes, and it was awful.

Then I finally found somebody that I resonated with. At the end of the time working with her, she was like, “I think you probably ought to learn how to do this. Since you’re already ingrained with these frequencies to use this type of modality, you should learn how to do this to help your friends and family”, and that sounded fantastic. I’m like, “Yeah, you’re right.” So at the same time, my husband and I were on a spiritual journey.

We had been visiting this place here in Portland called New Renaissance Bookshop. We had been renting all these videos learning about all these different new types of modalities and supernatural things, mindset, and all sorts of healing items. So when I went to the website that this lady had given me to sign up for the class in Hollywood, I noticed that they had a movie premiere. There was a conference that they were having. When I brought up the screen for the meeting, it was an outline, with all the pictures of all the videos we had rented. All the people we had videos for work in this panel of people presented, and I brought my husband over, and I’m like, look at this. He’s like, “I think you’re going.” So yeah, that’s a sign if you’ve ever had one.

So I went away; I learned how to heal people. It was a specific modality. I came back, and I had this voice in my head, it’s still there, and it says, “Get out there, Conde. People are waiting for you to help them heal.” So I immediately started my business, this healing practice that I had helping people with chronic illness, put up a shingle, got some bad brochures, a terrible website that would have made you laugh.

Dotty: I think that’s what you were doing when I met you.

Conde: That’s correct. So that’s my pre-story to all of that. I went about for probably a good solid ten years doing that business and focusing on people with chronic illness. I started a Facebook group for women with fibromyalgia, and my Facebook group was teaching them how to self-heal. Teaching them what I knew about healing and how I’d help different people recover with other things – incredible stories of just like, spontaneous recovery, I shared there. I have 9000 women in that group. 9000 women from all over the world who had fibromyalgia. It was one of those things. This is like another fail because I wasn’t listening to my guidance. I wasn’t listening to my intuition about this. It just felt wrong.

Dotty: What were you listening to instead?

Conde: I was listening to a coach that thought this was a good idea for me. I’m like, “Okay, that makes sense. It makes sense that this would be the next step. There’s a lot of people that I could help, and so I was like, “Yeah, I can help these people.” But the thing is, I chose a group of people that didn’t want my help. They didn’t think they could heal, and so that to me, was kind of, I mean, we could think of that as a fail. The definition fails, you know, that we didn’t accomplish a goal, but thank God, I didn’t achieve this goal because I wouldn’t be doing what I’m doing now. Like many other things that I used to be; an accountant, I trained to be a legal secretary, thank God, I’m not a legal secretary.

Dotty: That would not have matched well with you at all.

Conde: No, like you want. What? When? What? No. So, thank God, there was that reroute; I had started making a program I had built a membership to sell to women with fibromyalgia to help them heal; I had all these different beautiful components. And that was kind of like the day that I launched that. You may remember this because it was sort of a monumental day. It was like a day when both Facebook and Instagram went down for the whole day. Oh, my lord. Remember that day? I was traveling; I was in Hollywood again. On business, my daughter looked at me, and she said, “Why did you do this?”

Dotty: Like, you crashed Facebook?

Conde: Yes. “I can’t take the blame for that.” So luckily, for me, that membership didn’t fill up. I ended up just kind of closing the chapter; I had that group with 9000 women. It was draining me. It didn’t feed my soul. It didn’t make me happy. It didn’t spark joy. It wasn’t even a good experience. So I finally just said, “This is not what I’m called to do.” So I sat with it, and I was like, “Okay, I’m willing to see things differently. I’m willing to understand what it is I’m here to do.”

What brought me the most joy was my question. Okay, so I’m writing things down, and what was fun was working with people who are spiritual entrepreneurs, whose businesses make a massive difference in the world; they’re looking to expand their spiritual gifts, do their work in the world be paid well—helping them achieve those things. Go beyond what they thought was possible, and manifest even more. That’s what got me excited. That’s where my joy was.

So I decided to talk to one of the gals from the fibro group who was helping me – she was one of the admins. They said either I need to close this group or find someone else who can take this over. Because this is no longer feeding my soul; it’s a drain; I feel depleted here, so she offered to take it on. She’s one of my success stories. She has made some huge strides. She continues to run that group.

Then about this time, last year, I started the manifesting unlimited abundance group and started calling in my tribe of people who are here to make a big difference in the world who may be on a spiritual path, but most certainly are in business and are, are wanting more in their lives.

They want to experience happiness personally; they want to experience financial freedom and abundance. They want it. It’s been interesting because now I’m listening to my intuition when I get little nudges.

About two years ago, I got a nudge. I had a physical office that I had had professionally decorated. I was very attached to it. It was gorgeous, and I got a nudge from spirit that said, “Hey, pack up all your stuff and move home. Take your business home,” and I’m like, “Okay, I’m not going to question this. I’m just going to go with it.”

This was before COVID. It was a year before COVID or several months before COVID anyway. So I packed up everything, and I brought my business home. I learned how to do an online business. So I say now to people, “Please listen to your intuition. Please grow your intuition.” Because it’s like the easy button – it’s like your easy button – because you have access to this vast database of information, you could know anything. You could get direction from anything and find a solution for anything.

Dotty: How do you get in touch with your intuition if that’s something you’ve never really done before?

Conde: You start by asking questions because everybody has an innate ability to use intuition. Everybody has intuition; they just start using it.

Dotty: So is that kind of like when I say, let me sleep on it?

Conde: Possibly, yeah. It’s the thing that comes when you’re in the shower and get all the good ideas. That’s intuition.

It’s what happens when you’re not resisting and you’re in this kind of state of relaxation. So one of the things I tell people is that abundance is relaxed. If you are manifesting things, and you’re all stressed out, and you’re in a twizzle, you know, and you’re like, “Oh, it’s been this way, it’s got to be purple, it’s got to have yellow polka dots, it’s got to come on Tuesday,” that’s going to be a problem. It’s not going to manifest how you would like it to.

Dotty: I should tell my husband I need a spa day every week.

Conde: Yes, probably so.

So I think there is a gift in taking time and being quiet and relaxed. This, you know, having this reinventing yourself, sort of thing, listening to your intuition, and thoughtfully doing this. Where you’re compassionate, where you’re giving yourself love, where you’re nurturing yourself, where you’re just in adoration, where you have a sense of worthiness, and you have a sense of self. You come from that place, and everything you give from that place will be magnificent. Anything that you can dream of from that place will manifest pretty quickly.

I have an exciting story, but the people I work with also have interesting stories. I think more than anything else; it’s seeing things differently. Sometimes that means getting help to get clear what’s going on.

When I first started, I was probably a couple of years into the business; I had a client who came in and had just started a business. I said to him, “Well, what are your revenue goals for your business?” He began to tell me, and then he’s like, “Well, here’s what I’m going to do. I have this much money in savings, so I’m going to keep doing this, that, and the other thing until the savings is gone. And then I’ll probably get a loan.” I’m like, “No, no, no, what is your intention for how much money you’re going to bring into your business?” He’s like, “Well, I hadn’t thought of that.”

Dotty: A lot of people haven’t.

Conde: Right.

If you’re listening to this right now, and you don’t have a goal for your revenue, even if it’s $5, that’s a problem. Start thinking about setting some obvious goals for yourself around income.

This person had no purpose, he was just going to use up his savings, and then he would go into debt. That was his plan, and I said, “Well, wait a minute, when was the last time you felt perfect about how much money you made?” He said, “Well, I probably felt perfect when I made about $60,000 a year.” I’m like, “Okay, well, could that be your goal? Because you’ve already done that before? Would it be feasible for you to do that, given your business?” He said, “Sure, and so I heard from him a couple of years ago. He was making $250,000 a year, he had hired a staff, and his business just kept growing. And that’s just one of the stories that I have. I love seeing people make this transformation, but it starts with your self-concept.

Dotty: So is that what kicked him in the butt to get going?

Conde: Well, there were several things. I have a straightforward process that I take people through, and it clears out limiting belief systems. He had many limiting belief systems about money, what he could do, how he could do it, about being capable, and working through releasing those limiting belief systems. He also had suffered a trauma where he and his wife had lost two babies. He had taken a lot of responsibility for that. He had a lot of guilt and shame about that. When you have these big emotions, like traumatic experiences that have happened to you that you’ve internalized somehow and taken responsibility for, those can change how you show up in the world, of course. They can change how you receive things, how you give something, and they can block you’re manifesting your heart’s desire, whatever that is.

So we started working on self-forgiveness, and we started working on limiting beliefs. We just kind of worked through the process. I like things to be simple and easy for people. I don’t like things to be complicated; I don’t want them to take a long time. I teach people to use different self-help tools that are super powerful, but they’ve got fast results, like the EFT tapping stuff, and using them with essential oil, which makes them even faster. So I like sharing tools with my clients that just have a powerful impact and make that shift from that place of not feeling like they’re enough to feel like they’re capable of handling life. They’re worthy and feel like they can do it. That lights me up.

I see many people, especially healers, who just settle for less because they don’t feel worthy. There’s a bunch of stuff about money being bad. Money’s got a bad rap with spiritual folk. That’s not true. Money is just energy. It’s the meaning we put on things, like the meaning we place on failure, right? It’s just another chance to do something different, maybe even something better.

Dotty: A stepping stone.

Conde: Yeah, thank goodness I’m not a legal secretary somewhere or an accountant.

The thing about all those different things, it was great to try those things, and it’s good I didn’t have that knowledge, but it didn’t bring me joy. It didn’t make me happy. So one of the things that are crucial to know is that many people have this template, “I’ll be happy when…” I’ll be happy when my business launches, or my program launches, or my book sells, or I get this particular amount of clients, or I have the partner that I love, or I have the car, or I have the house, or I have the motorboat or whatever it is. The thing is to be happy now, to feel good in your skin now, and then things start popping, like manifestation starts popping. Then you can see all the possibilities available to you where before you might have been blinded by some limiting belief about your worth and not feeling like you deserve that thing, so you wouldn’t even see that it was possible for you.

Dotty: The inner work is more important than people realize.

Conde: It is. It’s just so true. It doesn’t have to be problematic. It doesn’t have to take years; it doesn’t take months. It can be simple; it can be fast. Transformation within your life can happen in a short amount of time. We’re talking three to six months or less. We had one client who came to me – he was a shaman, an executive coach. He said, “My guides are telling me, just so you know,” It’s going to be an interesting conversation with somebody starts with, “My guides are telling me that I’m supposed to coach this person who is a governor, who becomes President of the United States. I know to do that, I have to work on these five things.”

He had a list. Okay. I like motivated people. He knew what his list was, but that was a fraction of what he had to work on. So he brought the list. He’s like, “So can you help me?” Oh, by the way, he says, “I’d like to make $40,000 a month.” I’m like, “Okay,” I’m checking in. “Let me listen for a minute.” “Oh, can we do this?” And I hear a, “Yes, we can do this.” And I’m like, “Okay,” I said, “By the way, what are you making right now?” He said, “$3,000 a month.” By the way, he wanted to do it in a month. We met every week for a month. By the end of the month, he was making $38,000.

Dotty: Wow.

Conde: By the next month, he was making $40,000. So, I have a belief that anything is possible. I know that to be true because everything’s made up of energy. Everything is part of this quantum field that we’re in. So everything is changeable.

Dotty: So if you’re stuck, you can change it.

Conde: You can, yeah.

Dotty: That’s important for people to realize because many people get stuck in one thing or another. They just feel like that’s it for them. They just got to figure out how to manage it.

Conde: Yeah, but don’t manage it. Climb over the seat, get in the driver’s seat, and drive the car. Decide where you’re going to go. Look at a map, maybe make some choices, but start leading your life. You make a choice. This is not a passive thing. Energy is not stagnant. So why not choose something you’d love and aim at that, rather than something you’re going to settle for or something you can figure out on a spreadsheet. Pick something that would make you jump out of bed in the morning, that you’d be that excited to live that life to be that person to do those things. Then set your intention on that and just say. “I’m willing to see this differently; I’m willing to change; I’m willing to do what’s necessary. I’m willing to stay in alignment; I’m willing to master my emotions and not let them control me anymore. Willing to let go of my past. I’m willing to grow, I’m willing to expand, I’m willing to see what’s possible for my life, and I’m willing to be of service to other people. I’m willing to change, even if that means changing my identity to become the best version of myself.”

Dotty: That’s exciting! So you mentioned willingness to change or get in control of your emotions. Do you want to mention your free ebook available in the group?

Conde: I do. Yes, I wrote an ebook that is the guide to using EFT tapping with essential oils to release things that don’t feel good, emotions that many of us have – a lot of unresolved feelings. It’s just because we don’t know what to do with them, other than stuff them. If you’re a stuffer, I love you. I used to be a stuffer; I was a good one. That was part of my chronic illness. I don’t recommend it. So I tell my clients it’s a three-step process: It starts with an awareness that you don’t feel good. So it’s like just being aware in a very loving way that you’re not feeling a good emotion, right? Awareness, and then accept it. “Okay, I feel angry, or I feel guilty, or I feel ashamed, or I feel bad.” Maybe you don’t even know what it feels like or what the emotion is, but you know, you feel bad, right?

Then you start doing some tapping. You just tell the story about why you’re feeling bad, and you just do the tapping. Or you just say, “I want to feel better,” and you just do the tapping, you do an essential oil, you do the tapping. It’s super easy. It’s so simple. Kids can do it.

Yes. So it’s super easy to learn. There’s no wrong way to do it, and it’s mighty. It’s the fastest way to rewire your brain for success and happiness and release negative stuff from your memories and trauma; they use it for PTSD, weight loss, and lowering your stress and anxiety.

Dotty: Awesome. Are you giving that away free? There is a link in the Business Divas Facebook group.

We will also put a link in the comments after this video. We’re just about out of time. So was there any message you wanted to leave with? Or are we good?

Conde: I guess I would like to let people know that they have more power than they think they do and just to start making choices about how you’d like your life to be. Hopefully, those are choices that include your happiness.

Dotty: Thank you so much for sharing and being so open, Conde. Hopefully, you have touched something in everybody that listens to this. I’m so looking forward to seeing and reading the comments after people have heard, so thank you so much.

Next week we have Dr. Teresa Pantanella. She is a Facebook Instagram marketing expert. We’re going to learn her travels from being a doctor to what she’s doing now. Thank you so much, everybody. Have a great week, and hopefully, you are halfway to your goal this week. Talk to you later. Bye-bye bye