Blog Content: How to find Content for your Blog

Blog ContentFinding content for your blog is not hard ~ it can come from your knowledge or someone else’s knowledge.  The best source is your knowledge.  Listen to the questions your clients ask you.  Answer these questions in a blog post.  If one person has a question you can assume your other potential clients also have the question.  The more you can get answered about your products or services the more qualified the leads your blog creates will be.  The easier they will be to convert into sales.

I Do Not Have Time to Write a Blog Post

I hear this a great deal.  Adding content to your website or blog does take time.  I think of it as time spent on marketing.  If you are really pressed for time you can sprinkle in content from other people’s knowledge on your blog.  There are many sources you can find for other people’s content.  Here are a few:

  • – This site gives you the Hot Topics in any industry.  You can do a search for something of interest or browse a specific category.  This site links to many famous (and some not so famous) blogs.  I do not recommend “stealing” the content but rather talk about the post and link to it on your blog.
  • – This site shows what is trending on Twitter for your account.  If you are not a Twitter user this would not be helpful.  If you are it can give you ideas on what to write about.
  •  – This is a great website that goes both ways.  It is a great place to find content for your blog AND it is a great place to allow other people to use your content on their blogs.  If you are running a WordPress blog they even have a plugin that makes sharing very easy.  I am using it on this website.  When you post someone else’s articles on your blog it takes the whole article including all links and puts it into your post.  It also states this is done with permission.  This is a very fast way to provide your readers content when you do not have the time to create it yourself.  This site is more powerful used the other way.  Allow other people to repost your original content.  This gets your content exposed to people that would not otherwise see your articles.  If you have links in the posts to your products, about page, service page, etc it will get your links out on other people’s sites as well.  Do not overdo the links or your content may never get reposted.  For more information on listen to the video below.
  • – Another of my favorite sites.  This one is more Social in the sence that you can follow people and get notified when the Scoop something.  If you are following the right people it will give you ideas of what to post about in your blog.  Again do not “steal” this content.  You can get ideas and mention the content or link to it after your short message to your readers.  I like to submit my articles to this site to allow others to Scoop or reScoop my content – this creates quality back links.