How to use Twitter successfully!

Twitter can be a confusing technology.  I often get asked, “What’s the point?”  There are 2 ways to use Twitter – the right way and the wrong way.  Many people use it incorrectly (at least for business).

Blogging AutomationThink of Twitter as a way to build a huge opt-in list of followers.  These are people that are interested in your business, your specialty, your knowledge, and in how you can help them either directly or indirectly.  They are watching what you are doing – learning from observation.  As you build your relationship with these people they begin to trust what you are doing/saying.  As we all know – on the Internet people buy from people they trust – period.

Who To Follow

I follow people that are in the same industry (what can I learn from them), people that are experts in a field that interests me (what can I learn form them), and people that I can see needs help in my area of expertise (what can I teach them).  I also usually follow people that follow me -this builds a mutual relationship and also allows direct messaging through Twitter to occur.

What has Twitter done for me?

I have only recently started to seriously use Twitter.

  • I have met people that I can outsource jobs that I either do not want to do or that I am not qualified to do.  This helps my customers directly.
  • I have also had opportunities to bid jobs directly from Twitter inquiries.
  • I have received referrals from Twitter.
  • I am building my opt-in list of trusted followers for future use.

What Tools can make Twitter easier to use?

What is the incorrect way to use Twitter?

People come to Twitter to learn information, learn about people they are following, and to share information.  They do not Follow people that are constantly pitching some new product all the time.  You need to build trust before trying to sell anything to your Twitter followers. I get annoyed at people that are using Twitter for spam.  Also do not send an auto responder message to your new Followers with an offer for them to buy something – it is just rude and a great way to get banned from Twitter.

If you would like to Follow my progress on Twitter I will gladly Follow your Twitter progress and we can learn together.

What have you gained form using Twitter and do you have any insights into the website?

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