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Twitter: Who is Following you?

TweepDash Who is Following you back?

TweepDash Who is Following you back?

With Twitter it can be hard to know who actually Followed you back after you Followed them.

Why should you care?

Twitter cares! People that look at your Twitter numbers (potential clients?) care.  If you are following way more people than follow you it tells people you are not tweeting quality content.  People do not want to follow you back! It shows people that you are not contributing to the knowledge of the Twitter community.  If you have way more Followers than people you are Following (unless you are a celebrity) it shows people that you do not care about them – you are all about you.  You do not want other people’s information – you just want to give your information. Ideally you want to have a few more people Following you than you Follow ~ keep it close.

The idea with Twitter is to build an audience

Find a tribe of people that need your information, but you are also getting information from other people.  These are not always the same people either.  Building an audience goes a long way towards building your business.  It also builds your credibility and trust online – something that can be hard to gain with people who do not actually know you.

Twitter cares about your Following habits!  Once you reach 2000 people you are following, your ratio needs to be close.  Twitter will not let you follow more than 2000 people without people following you back, or other people following you.  When I hit the limit of Following 2000 people and wanted to Follow 1 more I got a message that stated my I needed to have a 10% difference of Followers VS Following.  That meant I needed to have at least 1800 Followers.  Twitters rules do not tell you the actual limit – and they say it varies depending on the amount of people you Follow.  Just know that they will stop your activity if you reach a limit.

Then what?

The easiest solution is to use a tool like TweepDash. TweepDash provides a dashboard with 3 columns.  The first column is Celebs – people you are following but do not follow you back.  You will always have people in this column.  But it should not be a huge number.  When I first logged into TweepDash I had over 500 people that I was following and they never followed me back.  TweepDash allows you to unfollow right from the dashboard.  I went through these people and left the ones I really wanted information from ( like @smexaminer, @mattcutts, @chrisbrogan, and @problogger)  These people all are influential in my industry and I truly like reading their Tweets.  You will also have people you want information from.

The 2nd column is Fans – people who Follow you but you do not Follow them back.  I found this tool helpful because it was easy to see who I missed following.  There were people in the list that I should have followed back, and it was easy to do right from the dashboard.

The 3rd column is Friends – these are mutual following.

Use this tool sparingly – Twitter dose not like mass Following or mass UnFollowing.  They could suspend your account for this kind of activity.  Use TweepDash as a tool to help you manage your Twitter account.

By Dotty


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