Where is Search headed?

Would it help your business if you had a “heads-up” on the future of Google Search?  Would you start now preparing for what is rolling out in the next year?  I would (am).
It is called Google Carousel – and it is live for local restaurant and theater searches now.  Here is a screen shot of the new look.

Some important things to notice:

  • The only way to get into the Carousel is to have a Google+ page and presence in Google Local
  • Quality images are more important now
  • Getting Google Reviews are more important
  • Actually USING your Google Plus page for business is more important
  • Getting listed in Directories is not optional now
  • Optimizing your content for long-tail, conversational keywords is very important

One observation – the “organic” results for local searches no longer exist.  The only businesses on the results page are the businesses in Google Local, and directories.  Getting as many directory listings as possible has become very important.  I will personally be paying a service to get into directories without a time expenditure.

For the business owners out there that have told me – “I do not want to get into yet one more social website” it is no longer optional.  You need to start now building your presence on Google+ BEFORE they open this Carousel search in your specific market.  Do what it takes now and you will dominate your search term in the future.  This is leveling the playing field.  I will now be able to overtake the “large guys” in my industry because of the shear volume of varying content I already have on the Internet.  I can’t wait for this to open in my search market.

I have created a video in the Ask Dotty membership that goes into detail what you need to be doing right now to dominate your market in the future.