WordPress 101 Training


This is a video based course specifically for WordPress websites using the Avada theme. Look below for what is included.  This is a one-time purchase and you will get full access with no expiration date.



WordPress Basics and Guttenberg Editor

This first set of videos cover the WordPress basics like:

  • The Dashboard
  • Post VS Pages
  • Create A New Post
  • Edit Existing Posts
  • Add A Featured Image
  • Categories and Tags
  • How To Create Pages
  • Publishing Options
  • How To Add An Image
  • Embed Video or Audio
  • Creating Links and Buttons
  • WordPress Settings
  • WordPress Tools
  • Edit Your Profile
  • Adding New Users
  • Managing Comments
  • The Media Library
  • How To Install Plugins
  • Installing A New Theme
  • Customize Your Theme
  • Create A Static Homepage
  • How To Add Widgets
  • Creating Custom Menus
  • Embed a PDF
  • What Is Gutenberg
  • The Block Editor
  • Text Blocks
  • Media Blocks
  • Design Blocks
  • Widget Blocks
  • Pattern Blocks

For everyone using Avada theme the Gutenberg videos are not relevant. Look at the Avada grouping of videos for instructions on how to use the Fusion Builder and all Avada specific topics.

Avada Theme Videos

These videos are for the Avada Theme specifically. They show you how to use the Fusion Builder and all the elements it contains. They also show the Avada settings. These videos are created by the Avada Theme developers and are provided here free of commercials. They can also be found on the Avada YouTube channel.

Here is a list of topics covered:

  • Basic WordPress videos (31 videos)
  • Avada Theme Overview (8 videos)
  • Legacy Avada Builder (12 videos)
  • Avada LIVE Builder (12 videos)
  • Avada Layouts (15 videos)
  • Avada Global and Page Options (28 videos)
  • Avada Elements – Both Legacy and LIVE (78 videos)
  • Plugins Included with Avada (9 videos)
  • Forms (4 videos)
  • Sliders (2 videos)


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