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Why is Personal Branding important?

If you are a business owner or an employee ~ personal branding is important because people buy from people they like, know, and trust.  A Personal Brand is just as important as a business brand, especially if you are in sales!

Vizify as a Personal Branding Tool

Vizify is a very simple website that creates a pictorial bio of you.  Then you can link to the profile and embed it in your email.  It allows you to upload images, sync with social media accounts, enter your location, add links, and enter text.

Personal Branding Vizify

Dotty’s Vizify page

The Vizify pages can be customized to your colors and you can add (or not add) specific modules.  This gives you the flexibility to include just what you are wanting to include.  Some of the modules are are interactive like the Locations allows you to enter all your previous locations and a plane flys around the map showing your location history. (You do NOT have to use this feature).  The Foursquare module shows a breakdown of your Checkins.

I have used:

Personal Brand Email Signature

Dotty’s Email Signature

  • Links area to link to all the other Online Profiles and websites that I have on the Internet
  • Photo module several times to upload awards, logos, and images of myself with important people in my field
  • Foursquare
  • Quotes to enter in some of my favorite sayings
  • Experience
  • Factoids

Once you have your profile built out (took me about 30 min total) you can share it on Social Media sites and embed it into your email signature.  Here is how it shows up in my email:

Personal Branding is the same as your Personal Reputation.  Online is it a way to build trust, credibility, a following, and to make sales.  It is part of what will set you apart from your competition.  Be the leader in your industry with your Personal Branding and Vizify will help!

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