Slider Programs


Sliders are images (or video) that moves from one slide to the next. They are not highly recommended since most people never see past the first slide. These programs [...]

Slider Programs2021-02-15T19:53:04-07:00

Various Forms


WordPress has many different Form plugins. Some of the Avada Templates use Contact Form 7, and some use HubSpot. Hubspot is a paid contact management system. If you chose [...]

Various Forms2021-02-15T19:53:48-07:00

Plugins Included with Avada


These are some of the plugins included with your Avada theme. You do not need to use them all (or any). If you want a shopping cart, WooCommerce is [...]

Plugins Included with Avada2021-02-15T19:54:46-07:00

Avada Legacy Builder


Avada Builder is what was used prior to Avada Live, and it is still available to use if you would like. Some of these videos are good for both [...]

Avada Legacy Builder2021-02-15T19:56:44-07:00

Avada Global and Page Options


These videos explain the options that can be set site-wide as well as at the page level. Page level will overwrite site-wide settings. Avada Options [...]

Avada Global and Page Options2021-02-15T19:57:38-07:00

Avada Layouts


Layouts are fairly new for Avada. They provide a way to get custom headers, footers, and other layouts on a page-by-page basis. They are also extensively used in most [...]

Avada Layouts2021-02-15T19:58:16-07:00

Avada Live Page Builder


Avada Live is the new front-end page builder. The older Avada videos were created before Avada Live was available. All the newer videos demonstrate on Avada Live.  This is [...]

Avada Live Page Builder2021-02-15T19:58:59-07:00

Avada Theme Overview | Maintenance | WP Features


These videos are for the Avada Theme specifically. They show you how to use the Fusion Builder and all the elements it contains. They also show the Avada settings. [...]

Avada Theme Overview | Maintenance | WP Features2021-02-15T19:59:38-07:00
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