GBP Module 6: Insights


If you already have a website there is no need to watch this video. Action Item Congratulations - Your google My Business account [...]

GBP Module 6: Insights2022-05-01T15:09:16-07:00

GBP Module 5: Reviews


Action Item Start asking for reviews. Send personalized with a link that goes directly where the person needs to go to leave a review. In the email include some [...]

GBP Module 5: Reviews2022-05-01T15:09:27-07:00

GBP Module 4: Photos and Posts


Action Items Add your Logo, Cover image, and some photos into your GMB account Add a Post to your GMB account

GBP Module 4: Photos and Posts2022-05-01T15:09:35-07:00

GBP Module 3: Business Information


Action Item Fill in all informational details about your business  including your: Business Description Categories Hours Attributes Services or Products or both Download GMB Description [...]

GBP Module 3: Business Information2022-05-01T15:09:47-07:00

GBP Module 1: Why the Big Deal


Welcome to Module 1 of Google My Business Made Easy! In this module you're going to learn why Google My Business (GMB) is so critically important for your [...]

GBP Module 1: Why the Big Deal2022-05-01T15:10:13-07:00
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