Keyword ResearchHow To Keyword: Find the Right Keywords

Finding Keywords is a very common question from my clients.  There really is an easy method if you are willing to learn it – Google Adwords Keyword Tool.

Process to find Search Words

  1. Go to the tool and enter in your main topic for the post.
  2. See if that keyword has low competition and has high local search volume.
  3. If it does that is a good keyword – if not look at the related keywords in the provided list and find one that meets the criteria.
  4. Also choose 2-3 related keywords to use as supporting keywords in your post.
  5. The Main keyword goes at the front of the Title, in the H2 tag (first sentance) and in the first sentance of the post bolded.  It is also good to end with that keyword.
  6. The supporting Keywords are used in the Sub Headers for the post as well as body text.

Example: Finding the right Keywords and Search Words

Keyword Research – use this post as a basic example. The keyword I looked up was Keyword Research – It was Medium competition with 110,000 Local Monthly Searches.  From the related keywords I chose How To Keyword – Low competition and 1,000,000 Local Monthly Searches, and Search Words – Low Competition with 368,000 Local Monthly Searches.

By using this method your posts will be optimized and your Keyword Reseach is not hard.  For a video demonstration of this process join Ask Dotty.