Google +1 ~ Social Marketing?

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Google ~ Social Network?

Google recently released an experimental +1 (Plus One) for a select few in the United States.  This is clearly to rival the Facebook Like button.  Google is looking for ways to break into the Social Network arena – Buzz was a flop – what will the future hold for the +1

Social Marketing Google +1

By clicking the +1 icon next to a listing (you must be signed into your Google Account) you are publicly voting for that website.  When your friends (connected to you through your Google Account) are searching for something and you have already voted for that website it will show in their search results.  It is like saying, “I trust and recommend this site – why don’t you take a look also.”

Since this is in a testing phase I am sure there will be features and benefits added before it is widely released.  For now if you want to be on the cutting edge then ask for your friends to +1   your website in the Google listings.  Time will tell what advantages this will provide.  Whatever they are I am sure it will be better for our marketing efforts to participate.


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