Would you like to know the secrets of creating engaging social media posts, website graphics, and cute videos?

Ever wanted to hang out with an expert and pick their brains?

Is this YOU?

  • Frustrated with Canva?
  • Does the THOUGHT of Social Media content make you pull your hair out?
  • Does creating Social Media content make you want to puke?
  • Want an EASY way to get more quality content?

WHEN: Wednesday December 6 at Noon Pacific, 3PM Eastern

WHERE: Online

COST: $11

Get Your Creative On!

Learn EASY ways to use Canva and AI to generate graphics for your business.

Dotty shares her method of creating social media and website graphics using Canva and ChatGPT.

  • Stop wasting time staring at a blank canvas.
  • Get more engaging social media posts.
  • Learn to use Canva video templates.
  • Check out some of the new AI tools in Canva
  • Q&A time

This webinar is 45 minutes of pure content and 15 minutes of Q&A. Come to the live webinar and get your questions.

Your investment is only $11 and you will get access to the replay.

Laura Barker loves AskDotty

I cannot say enough about Dotty’s expertise and the value she provides!  Dotty will give you the “techy” answers you need in easy to understand terms!  Every time I watch a tutorial or attend a mastermind, I come away with action items that I am capable of implementing! Thank you, Dotty, for your amazing content!

Laura Barker, LinkedIn Expert
Becky Tengwall

I’m still learning how to put my videos together and having a blast! Dotty did an excellent job of providing all of the tools we need to build short, attractive marketing videos for social media.

Thanks, Dotty!

Becky Tengwall, CEO, I Take The Lead
Darielle Archer

Dotty’s class on creating social media videos was excellent. As a non-techy person it gave me clear, easy to follow steps. She demonstrated how to crop or add titles, and how to use Canva. She provided plenty of resources, in a relaxed presentation.

Darielle Archer, CEO, Positive Choices
Dianne Mandan

Totally overwhelmed with social media or WordPress? That described me until I found Dotty. She gave me several tips to help get things under control. Dotty is tech savvy, creative, talented, and efficient. I highly recommend her courses.

Dianne Mandan, Business Owner
Donna Saladin

Dotty guided me though setting up my business website. When we launched she took the time to “teach” me how to edit the site myself. She was a great fit with  her knowledge on both WordPress and  social media marketing.  I would highly recommend courses.

Donna Saladin, Business Owner