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YouTube One Channel


YouTube One Channel now has a Responsive Design What does THAT mean? YouTube introduced One Channel last week.  With the upgraded look (still optional) your Channel will look and act [...]

YouTube One Channel2017-11-12T14:05:24-07:00

New Google Cover Images


Changes as of March 6th 2013 Last Wednesday Google released their new look. At first I was irritated by the need to redo all my branding images in Google Plus. [...]

New Google Cover Images2017-11-12T16:14:45-07:00

URL Shorteners: Are They Helping?


Pros and Cons of URL Shorteners URL shorteners are used in Online Marketing regularly ~ and have been for years.  They allow business owners to track how many people clicked [...]

URL Shorteners: Are They Helping?2017-11-12T18:37:01-07:00

Gravatar: You Need One


Learn how to get your own Gravatar for spreading your brand around the Internet.

Gravatar: You Need One2017-11-12T18:47:20-07:00

Branding: 1 Very Simple Method


Branding your business across the Internet can be easy with the aid of Gravatar.

Branding: 1 Very Simple Method2017-11-12T18:51:07-07:00
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