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Dotty owns a web design firm in Vancouver, WA. She builds better websites for small businesses and teaches business owners how to effectively market the new website using Social Media and other online marketing techniques.

Achieve Top Results with Content Marketing Strategies


Content Marketing Strategies As the digital landscape continues to evolve, content marketing has become crucial for businesses looking to build their online presence. A well-executed content [...]

Achieve Top Results with Content Marketing Strategies2023-07-10T08:51:56-07:00

Winning the Content Game


Why is Content Creation Important? CEX (Content Economy Expo) is an annual event that brings together industry leaders, content creators, and technology providers to explore the [...]

Winning the Content Game2023-05-06T16:35:09-07:00

Video Editing Software – Which is the Best?


Video editing software has become essential for small DIY business owners. The correct tools can help you make stunning visuals to draw in your viewers and [...]

Video Editing Software – Which is the Best?2023-05-06T12:15:13-07:00

Rethinking YouTube


Is your YouTube Channel Attracting the Right People? After attending #SMMW23, I am rethinking my YouTube strategy. YouTube is not for me; it is for [...]

Rethinking YouTube2023-03-21T16:23:58-07:00

What Marketing Worked In 2022?


Can you answer this question for your business? What marketing worked for you in 2022? The answer to this question comes down to tracking where every [...]

What Marketing Worked In 2022?2023-02-22T21:33:54-07:00

The Secret to the Best Brand Name


These Six Tips Reveal the Secret to Discovering the Best Brand Name Giving your business a memorable name is one of the most necessary things to [...]

The Secret to the Best Brand Name2023-01-24T15:28:44-07:00

How to Automate Your WordPress Site


This guide will show you how to automate your WordPress site in 60 seconds or less. We'll also share valuable tools and tips to help make [...]

How to Automate Your WordPress Site2022-12-29T15:17:15-07:00

5 Reasons To Repurpose Video Content


Why Repurpose Video Content? If you're like most people, you probably have a love-hate relationship with video content. On the one hand, it's an incredibly powerful way to communicate [...]

5 Reasons To Repurpose Video Content2022-10-05T14:11:58-07:00

3 Tips to Get More Traffic to Your Website


What would you do if you had more traffic coming to your website?Well, I would hope you would convert that into leads or clients.What happens outside your [...]

3 Tips to Get More Traffic to Your Website2022-10-26T13:44:21-07:00

How To Attract Your Target Audience


How to Attract Your Target Audience Who is your Target Audience? It is hard to attract your target audience if you have no idea [...]

How To Attract Your Target Audience2022-08-04T20:22:20-07:00

Social Media Scheduling Tool


There are many different social media scheduling tools available. Some of the popular ones are Buffer, Hootsuite, Loomly, SproutSocial, and many more. Choosing your scheduling tool is not taken [...]

Social Media Scheduling Tool2022-06-08T11:02:37-07:00
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