To Follow or Be Followed!

Twitter: Who is Following you?

TweepDash Who is Following you back?

TweepDash Who is Following you back?

With Twitter it can be hard to know who actually Followed you back after you Followed them.

Why should you care?

Twitter cares! People that look at your Twitter numbers (potential clients?) care.  If you are following way Continue reading

Twitter is your Friend

How to use Twitter successfully!

Twitter can be a confusing technology.  I often get asked, “What’s the point?”  There are 2 ways to use Twitter – the right way and the wrong way.  Many people use it incorrectly (at least for business).

Get Business from TwitterThink of Twitter as a way to build a huge opt-in list of followers.  These are people that are interested in your business, your specialty, your knowledge, and in how you can help them either directly or indirectly.  They are watching what you are doing – learning from observation.  As you build your relationship with these people they begin to trust what you are doing/saying.  As we all know – on the Internet people buy from people they trust – period.

Who To Follow

I follow people that are in the same industry (what can I learn from them), people that are experts in a field that interests me (what can I learn form them), and people that I can see needs help in my area of expertise (what can I teach them).  I also usually follow people that follow me – Continue reading

Social Marketing Sites: How they increase your bottom line

Online Marketing Really Works

Online SellingThe average business owner is very confused when it comes to Online Marketing.  Many see no purpose for Social Sites as they relate to business.  I am here to dispel several myths about Social Networking.  Here is a list of what people have told me –

  • What is the purpose?
  • They are too hard to set up
  • They are overwhelming
  • Social Sites waste my time and fill up my email

I am an avid believer in Networking – both in person and Online.  Networking (and sales) is all about building a relationship with your potential clients or power partners. The purpose of Online networking is to build trust and to become the authority in your area of expertise.  It also builds links pointing back to your website (if you don’t have a website then you need to get one).  People buy from people they know and trust.  How would anybody that finds your website on the Internet ever know and trust you?  By participating in Social Sites people do get to know you and understand your business philosophy.

Social Sites are not hard to set up or maintain.  Here is how I do it.  Continue reading

Twitter as a Business Tool?

Twitter Can Bring You Business

As a web designer I often get asked how to use Twitter as a business tool.  I would like to take a moment and outline what Twitter basics and what Twitter has done for my business then you might have a better idea how to use Twitter in your own business.

Twitter Basics

Twitter Bring ClientsTwitter is a site to share short thoughts, share information, and share useful links.  It builds credibility and gives insights into the Tweeter.  Twitter is an excellent way to reach Local Internet Users.  Most business owners are looking for ways to reach their own local markets – Twitter serves this purpose very well.  There are tools designed to use with Twitter that will help you to find people in your local area.  My favorite is TwellowHood. Twellowhood will interface with your Twitter account when you sign in with your Twitter information, then find your location on the map and it will find other Twitter users in the same city.  It also allows you to follow them directly from the TwellowHood website making it very easy.

Another tool is the Search feature Continue reading