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VerticalResponse polled their clients to get an idea of how business owners are using Social Media and how much they are spending on Social Media.  The infographic below was created by them and displays the data they gathered.

I would personally be interested in having them do this again in a year – I predict the Social Networks in use will greatly change.  There current data shows that 90% are using Facebook, 70% are using Twitter, and only 4% use LinkedIn, 3% post to Google+, and 2% pin on Pinterest.

I predict Facebook will loose its Kingdom since Continue reading

Social Media Strategies for Traditional Businesses

I own a local business – Why do I Care about online Social Media?

Social Networking StrategiesMany people mention that Social Networking is a waste of time and will  not bring customers to a local business.  This cannot be further from the truth.  It is true that without a strategy time can be wasted, and huge efforts can go unrewarded. Having an Online Strategy for all your Social Networking is where the key to the gold lays.

Social Media Strategy

It is important to come up with a plan that can be used on a regular basis and that will yield the results that are needed.  Some small businesses are happy with 100-500 visitors each month and others need thousands of visitors to make their efforts show in the bottom line.  Many service industries do not want more business than can be handled so creating a workable and sustainable strategy in the onset is quite important.  There are no cookie cutter answers – but there are some generalities that can be used for most small businesses.

Online Strategies

Social media should be a part of an entire online strategy.  There are many different marketing ideas and methods that can be packaged into a workable strategy.  Some of them are:Social Networking Strategies

  • Blog
  • Pay-Per-Click Advertising (AdWords)
  • Social Media
  • Forums
  • Commenting
  • Other Peoples Blogs / Community Blogs
  • Article Marketing
  • Online Directories
  • Link Sharing

Social Media plays a large role in online marketing because when used properly it creates a huge web of back links to your website.  It also creates a large following of potential customers that like you and what you do professionally.  They become a rather large source of referrals that will start to fill your sales pipeline.  Do not think that social networking will give instant results – it is a process that grows over time.

  • Here are a few ideas of how to use Social Media Sites in Traditional / Service Businesses.
  • Post the Special of the Day
  • Create a Special for Online Customers that walk into your store
  • Offer Electronic Coupons
  • Make Announcements that affect customers
  • Create Customer Appreciation
  • Customer Service

The ideas are limited only by your imagination.  If you need help to learn how to use Social Media effectively then consider joining the online training– a step-by-step video training system for business owners that have the desire to learn social media and need guidance.

What is the Buzz about?

There are thousands of Social Media sites – blogs, video sites, FaceBook, MySpace, Twitter – hundreds of sites where people can interact with each other.  Some of these sites are business related and some are not.  Many niche businesses have their own Social Media sites.  If you are a traditional business owner then there are four different social media sites that are a must for you to join.  Here  they are in order:

  1. LinkedIn
  2. Twitter
  3. FaceBook
  4. BizNik
  5. Any site that is specialized in your personal niche


LinkedIn is the first social media site to join.  This is a site for professionals that are looking to grow in many different aspects.  It can act as an online business card, resume, and portfolio.  LinkedIn offers the business owner a way to distinguish themselves from the rest of the pack – creating trust that is hard to earn online.


Twitter offers ways to meet potential clients, potential power partners, potential joint venture partners, and your local customer base.  It can communicate and broadcast what your business is doing in your local community, distribute electronic coupons, facilitate customer service, and many more important business related tasks.  This is the ultimate in free marketing.


FaceBook provides a platform to interact with your customers and target market.  They offer FaceBook Pages specifically for businesses.  This is a great place to look for potential clients, post specials for your online clients, and to share about your business.  Does your business  participate in the community?  Sharing these types of community connections can be a great Public Relations move for your business and FaceBook is one of the best places to get that information out.


BizNik is a website just for businesses.  This is a place to post business related articles, look for potential employees, look for power partners, and offer paid workshops or classes.  This is a growing community of business owners that has a great deal of marketing and promotional ideas that are freely shared to help the community as a whole.

Marketing Traditional Businesses website is designed to guide and help business owners that want to gain customers from Internet Marketing.  It is also here to get your questions answered and to help you to decide if your business needs more in-depth coaching in the area of Internet marketing.  If you need personalized help then consider Renegade University – this is where people like yourself come to learn how to effectively market their business online – at your pace and convenience.

Online Marketing Strategies for Traditional Businesses

The Online Marketing Strategies That Work the Best

The following marketing strategies apply to any of the following businesses:  Finance, Insurance, Real Estate, Brick-and-Mortar, Construction, Cleaning, Services, Health Industry, Sales, Landscaping, Hospitality Industry, Travel, or any traditional or small business.

A recent Forbes study says the best strategy to generate online sales is to start with Search engine optimizationstrategy3 (SEO).

Search Engine Optimization

SEO, is getting traffic to your website from the search engines.  The earlier on the front pages it appears, the more visitors you will receive from the search engine, such as Google, Yahoo, Bing or MSN.

As an Internet marketing strategy, SEO, looks at how search engines work and what people search for.  Learning to build your web presence for content, HTML coding, proper use of keywords, videos, images and shopping carts will get results on the search engines.

How Do You Learn Search Engine Optimization Training?

You can study SEO on your own or learn from SEO Optimization Tutorials and learn the tips to optimize your site and succeed on the web.  There are practical tips on this blog to get some basic understanding of how to apply this important principle to your business marketing plan.

According to eMarketer, the resource for Internet market research, the next most effective online marketing strategies for small businesses are e-mail, e-newsletters, pay-per-click, viral marketing, and social networking.

Social Networking is Another Key to Your Internet Marketing Plan social-network-success2

Social networking is what makes the above strategy work and is expected to expand as marketers use it more.  Social media marketing is effective and is where networking at websites helps influence your brand reputation.  It increases awareness and improves search rankings and website traffic.

Marketing Traditional Businesses website is here to help you get your questions answered as you develop your business with Social Media and Internet Marketing strategies.  You can go as far as you desire and gain customers and profits as you learn step-by-step video training.

Twitter as a Business Tool?

Twitter Can Bring You Business

As a web designer I often get asked how to use Twitter as a business tool.  I would like to take a moment and outline what Twitter basics and what Twitter has done for my business then you might have a better idea how to use Twitter in your own business.

Twitter Basics

Twitter Bring ClientsTwitter is a site to share short thoughts, share information, and share useful links.  It builds credibility and gives insights into the Tweeter.  Twitter is an excellent way to reach Local Internet Users.  Most business owners are looking for ways to reach their own local markets – Twitter serves this purpose very well.  There are tools designed to use with Twitter that will help you to find people in your local area.  My favorite is TwellowHood. Twellowhood will interface with your Twitter account when you sign in with your Twitter information, then find your location on the map and it will find other Twitter users in the same city.  It also allows you to follow them directly from the TwellowHood website making it very easy.

Another tool is the Search feature Continue reading

LinkedIn: Benefits For Traditional Businesses

Using Social Sites to Create Backlinks to Your Business Website

Create Back Links with Social SitesWhen I first joined LinkedIn – I was like most average business owners – registered because someone invited me and then never completed the profile and never participated. Guess what – I never got anything out if it either! After reevaluating online networking sites I discovered a potential huge pool of people that can help my business grow in one way or another.

LinkedIn has become one of my best sources of business information and a great resource for potential customers. There are “secrets” to using LinkedIn – and now I am going to reveal the secrets to you.

  1. Fill out your profile completely – this means a current photo as well. LinkedIn’s profile area is really quite complete for an online networking site. If filled out properly you have a great opportunity to “shine”. Google will rank profile pages – This can be to your benefit or deficit – it is up to you. When searching for my name (Dotty Scott) I own the first 8 out of 10 listings on Google, with my Google Profile showing at the bottom of the page. All of these are either profiles at different Social Sites, Blog posts, or my website reference. The bottom line is trust – people do business online with people that have built up their trust and a complete profile is a great starting point for building trust. Continue reading