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Social Media for Business

VerticalResponse polled their clients to get an idea of how business owners are using Social Media and how much they are spending on Social Media.  The infographic below was created by them and displays the data they gathered.

I would personally be interested in having them do this again in a year – I predict the Social Networks in use will greatly change.  There current data shows that 90% are using Facebook, 70% are using Twitter, and only 4% use LinkedIn, 3% post to Google+, and 2% pin on Pinterest.

I predict Facebook will loose its Kingdom since Continue reading

Social Marketing Sites: How they increase your bottom line

Online Marketing Really Works

Online SellingThe average business owner is very confused when it comes to Online Marketing.  Many see no purpose for Social Sites as they relate to business.  I am here to dispel several myths about Social Networking.  Here is a list of what people have told me –

  • What is the purpose?
  • They are too hard to set up
  • They are overwhelming
  • Social Sites waste my time and fill up my email

I am an avid believer in Networking – both in person and Online.  Networking (and sales) is all about building a relationship with your potential clients or power partners. The purpose of Online networking is to build trust and to become the authority in your area of expertise.  It also builds links pointing back to your website (if you don’t have a website then you need to get one).  People buy from people they know and trust.  How would anybody that finds your website on the Internet ever know and trust you?  By participating in Social Sites people do get to know you and understand your business philosophy.

Social Sites are not hard to set up or maintain.  Here is how I do it.  Continue reading

LinkedIn: Benefits For Traditional Businesses

Using Social Sites to Create Backlinks to Your Business Website

Create Back Links with Social SitesWhen I first joined LinkedIn – I was like most average business owners – registered because someone invited me and then never completed the profile and never participated. Guess what – I never got anything out if it either! After reevaluating online networking sites I discovered a potential huge pool of people that can help my business grow in one way or another.

LinkedIn has become one of my best sources of business information and a great resource for potential customers. There are “secrets” to using LinkedIn – and now I am going to reveal the secrets to you.

  1. Fill out your profile completely – this means a current photo as well. LinkedIn’s profile area is really quite complete for an online networking site. If filled out properly you have a great opportunity to “shine”. Google will rank profile pages – This can be to your benefit or deficit – it is up to you. When searching for my name (Dotty Scott) I own the first 8 out of 10 listings on Google, with my Google Profile showing at the bottom of the page. All of these are either profiles at different Social Sites, Blog posts, or my website reference. The bottom line is trust – people do business online with people that have built up their trust and a complete profile is a great starting point for building trust. Continue reading

LinkedIn: SEO Friendly Profile will Get Higher Rankings

Using Social Sites like LinkedIN to Drive Traffic

LinkedIn profiles have so many opportunities for Search Engine Placement and the majority of people do not take advantage of it for their business. Here are some easy things to change on your generic profile to make it really personal to you and your business as well as giving it Google Juice.

Here is a screen shot showing the placement of the “edit” links referred to below.

Drive Traffic to YOur Site with LinkedIN

  1. Make sure your profile name is in the form you are using online. Example: Dorothy Scott vs Dotty Scott. Since I am using Dotty I went into the Account Settings and changed the Dorothy to Dotty.
  2. Change your public profile URL to reflect either your name or your business name. When you are in the Edit Profile mode there will be a link next to your “Public Profile” that says edit – click the link and enter your new profile url. Then use this link on your website, blog, email signature, and forum signatures. Continue reading