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Facebook for Business: Facebook Milestones

Facebook Milestone Example

Facebook Milestone Example - Thank You Card

How can Facebook Milestones help your business?

Think about when you are making a decision to use a specific service or product.  What kind of information is important to you while in the decision making process?  Here are a few things that are important to me and I take into consideration before choosing a product or service:

  • How long has this business been in my community?
  • How long has this person been with the company?
  • If not long then how long has this person been in the industry?
  • What are other people saying about this business?
  • What does this business do to support the local community?
  • Have any of my friends used this service/product?
  • What kind of a reputation does this business have in the business community?
  • Does this company have responsive customer service?

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Leverage Facebook: Grow Your Coaching Practice

Is Facebook Smart Advertising?

Facebook can be very useful for reaching your ideal client, if it is used correctly.  So many people are confused about what to post on Facebook, as well as how to engage their audience (if they have one).

As Coaches one of the most important ways to leverage Facebook is to increase the awareness of your brand (YOU).  If your ideal client has never heard of you, has never met you, and does not know your fans, how are they going to find you and know they need your services?

Social Media can help solve this problem.

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Make a Google+ Page

Google+ Business Pages

Google+ Business Pages

Google+ Business Pages

There is a lot of confusion out there today about Google+ Business Pages and Google Places pages for business.  Here is what I have observed:

  • Businesses with Places pages now have Google+ Business Pages (even if they are not claimed)
  • Businesses with Google+ Business Page but NOT an existing Places page might still find themselves on the new Google+ Local platform (with an unclaimed page)
  • Businesses that have both already MIGHT have them connected or they might still be separated.

All of these scenarios are confusing to the business owner.  I am going to break it down for you right now.

Google Places is now Google+Local

A few months ago Google combined their Google Places (Google Local Business Center) into the Google+ platform and now call it Google+ Local.

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Google Plus and Gmail

Business owners ask why I use Gmail

Answer: I like to save time!

Gmail allows me to “pull” in all my email addresses into 1 location.  That was reason enough for me to use it.  Now there is another awesome reason.

Gmail and Google Plus are now integrated!

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Facebook Timeline

Have you filled in your Timeline?

Just activating your Timeline is not actually filling it in.  Before you can use Milestones (which you need to be doing) then you need to give Facebook a starting point.  I took the time this weekend to fill in my Timeline.  I actually discovered a few very important things like:

  • I had lost a year – I have been in business a whole year longer than I thought
  • It was encouraging to see how my business has grown over the years
  • It was uplifting to remember some of the Milestones along my journey
  • This is an opportunity to highlight some of your clients as well

Facebook TimelineI will be adding more Milestones from the past as I think of them.  This was a fascinating and enlightening experience.  Some of the things to add into your Timeline are:

  • Company Start Date
  • Yearly Anniversaries
  • Conferences
  • Education completed that shows your credentials or shows your knowledge growth
  • Awards received
  • Associations joined
  • Websites launched or revamped
  • Employees joining your company
  • Sales or Client goals reached
  • Any Goal reached
  • Mergers, Acquisitions, Company changes
  • Highlight Ideal Customers
  • Customer results
  • Anything that is a positive light on your business

Make sure you stick to Business Milestones.  Leave any personal ones for your personal profile.

YouTube Playlists: Organize your Videos

YouTube Added Playlists

YouTube PlaylistsHow can this help you?  If you are like me then you have a few videos uploaded on YouTube that may not be business related.  You know ~ your kids sports videos, birthday parties, vacation videos.  Videos you want to share with your family but not necessarily with your clients or customers.

Playlists allow you to Organize and Separate your Videos

A Playlist works like a Category on your website or blog.  A video can be added to a Playlist then several things can be done with the list.

  1. Your entire list can be embedded into a website.  You can see an example of how that works on the Fort Vancouver Lions website.  Part way down the home page is a playlist with 19 videos in it.  They will play one after the other in the order you designate in YouTube.
  2. your Channel can display certain Playlists (and not others).  This is a great way to be able to share those family videos and keep them separate from your business YouTube Cahnnel.
  3. Keep your Channel fresh by changing the Playlist it displays.
  4. Are you running a special in your business?  Want to show or highlight  a specific video for the special?  You can do that with Playlists.

YouTube became a better marketing tool when they added Playlists ~ are you using them yet?

Blogging Tool: Post to Twitter

WP to Twitter Plugin

Blogging AutomationThis is a plugin that I use on all my blogs.  It will automatically post your content to Twitter when you create a new blog post.  It is very configurable: allows for custom messages, and trackable links.  This is a plugin that will work without thought (once configured) or will work even better if purpose is put into each Tweet.

Automation for Blogging

There are so many aspects to a successful blog.  Adding automation whenever possible will make your blogging life easier and run smoother.  This is on automation tool that is worth using.  It is also one of the few that actually work reliably.  The plugin can be found in the WordPress plugin repository and requires some configuring with the Twitter API.  It is well documented so it is not too hard to set up – as always I am available if you want help with the setup.

Facebook Custom Tabs

Timeline has arrived!

Facebook Custom TabsWith the conversion to Timeline for our FanPages custom tabs are becoming more and more important.  This is one way to really make your FanPage stand out from the crowd.  What can Custom Tabs do for you?

  • Give you a way to actually SELL from Facebook
  • Give you a way to build a list directly from Facebook
  • Promote a Program, Event, or any business item from Facebook
  • You are limited by your imagination

What is a Custom Tab?

A Custom Tab is nothing more than a page dedicated to something on your FanPage.  It is an HTML website page, it can be part of your website, it can be part of any other website.  It can be literally anything that can be created on the Web.  It can also be linked to from anywhere – think about that.

If you are looking to drive traffic to a FanPage – why have the traffic land on your Wall?  Your Wall will look like most others.  People will not know what you want them to do.  They will get lost – and leave.  If you send them directly to a Custom Tab it will be obvious what you want them to do.  They will sign up for something, view a video, like your page, buy your item, whatever is on that page.

Custom Tabs are now your Lifeline on Facebook – Start using them!

Facebook Welcome Tabs

Will they continue to work?

With Facebook Fanpages changing to the Timeline layout on March 30th people are asking about the Welcome Tabs they have created.

What is a Welcome Tab?

A welcome tab is what a non-fan sees when they first visit your page.  They often have some enticing text or a video that requests the visitor to click Like and get something in exchange.  Then once the visitor clicks Like the offered item is revealed.  They are sometimes referred to as Reveal Tabs.

Once your FanPage is converted to Timeline there is no way to have someone land anywhere except the Wall – making the Welcome or Reveal tabs not show.

There is a way around this!

Although a new visitor will land on the Timeline (wall)  if the visitor arrives via a link or ad somewhere you can direct where they land.  Welcome Tabs are actually Custom Tabs and the content is still available through the Icon menu under your Cover image (the new large graphic).

New Strategy

Use the Facebook Advertising (yes this was their goal).  Facebook offers a Pay Per Click advertising platform that businesses use to drive traffic to their Fanpages.  Drive that traffic to your existing Welcome Tab!  Your content is still there and works just like before.  The offer has not changed – just the access point.

When linking to your Fanpage from your website – link to the Welcome Tab.

The new Icon area on your page has just become invaluable real estate – are you using it?

Social Media ROI?

Can I measure my Social Media results?

I get asked that question all the time.  I found a great article that addresses this very issue at the Blog on Hubspot.  Here is a link: How to Measure Your Social Media Lead Generation Efforts

This article talks about Lead Generation being below Brand Awareness in the Marketing Funnel.  The funnel takes you through Engagement, Opportunity, then Conversion.

Read the article then tell me what you think – will you start to measure your Social Media so you can get an idea of its effectiveness?