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Embed a Tweet

How to Get Your Tweets into Your Website

Twitter has allowed for embedding for Tweets for quite some time now.  This is the first time I have taken advantage of the feature.  It was quite simple:

  1. Find the Tweet you want to embedd
  2. Click the small triangle next to More
  3. Choose embed
  4. Copy code
  5. Go to your website
  6. Paste the code

Here is what they look like:

Why Embed a Tweet?

There are many reasons you might want to embed a Tweet:

  • This is a photo of me speaking at a business networking meeting.  I could use this to market my speaking or to promote the meeting.
  • I have seen people embed a Twitter post on an error page for their website. This is very effective if the site is down and it is a Tweet about the problem.  The comments and replies get added as well so the issue can be followed by visitors instead of everyone contacting the support team.
  • Show the popularity of a service or product
  • Embed a Vine video
  • Share a Twitter conversation relevant to your business
  • Share a Twitter testimonial or review

What other reasons can you think of to embed a Tweet?

Email Marketing

We all know that email is an effective avenue for marketing.  Here are some interesting email stats pulled from different sources by Salesforce.

Who Needs Photoshop?

Basic Photo Editing just got Easier!

Most Business Owners do not need the power of a program like Photoshop (nor do they need the learning curve)!

However it is nice to be able to do basic photo editing – mostly adding text to images.

Google Photo Editor is easy to use!

Google Photo editor has Continue reading

Content Curation: Blog Content

Blog Content: How to find Content for your Blog

Blog ContentFinding content for your blog is not hard ~ it can come from your knowledge or someone else’s knowledge.  The best source is your knowledge.  Listen to the questions your clients ask you.  Answer these questions in a blog post.  If one person has a question you can assume your other potential clients also have the question.  The more you can get answered about your products or services the more qualified the leads your blog creates will be.  The easier they will be to convert into sales.

I Do Not Have Time to Write a Blog Post

I hear this a great deal.  Adding content to your website or blog does take time.  I think of it as time spent on marketing.  If you are really pressed for time you can sprinkle in content from other people’s knowledge on your blog.  There are many sources you can find for other people’s content.  Here are a few: Continue reading

What can Social Media do for you?

Business Owners get frustrated with Social Media

Then they give up and say “It just does not work for me.”  Many business owners do not realize all the benefits that are very hard to measure – that are working for them.  Social Media is not a “get more traffic over night” solution.  It is for building your brand, gaining a voice, gaining trust, and getting known.  Here is an article that goes into this topic a little deeper.

The Importance of Having a Gleaming Social Networking Presence

In a world of social media noise, business owners and marketers have to be on top of social media updates to avoid getting lost in the shuffle! Here are five easy ways in which updating social media profiles can be a huge benefit for your company. Community – Social media gives small businesses the…

Continue reading

Are you Marketing your Why?

This is a VERY interesting take on marketing.  Distinguish your company by marketing your Why before the benefits of the product or service.  This is an 18 minute video – well worth the watch!

People do business with companies that have the same beliefs and values.

Leverage Facebook: Grow Your Coaching Practice

Is Facebook Smart Advertising?

Facebook can be very useful for reaching your ideal client, if it is used correctly.  So many people are confused about what to post on Facebook, as well as how to engage their audience (if they have one).

As Coaches one of the most important ways to leverage Facebook is to increase the awareness of your brand (YOU).  If your ideal client has never heard of you, has never met you, and does not know your fans, how are they going to find you and know they need your services?

Social Media can help solve this problem.

Features on Timeline that will help you with Brand Awareness Continue reading

Make a Google+ Page

Google+ Business Pages

Google+ Business Pages

Google+ Business Pages

There is a lot of confusion out there today about Google+ Business Pages and Google Places pages for business.  Here is what I have observed:

  • Businesses with Places pages now have Google+ Business Pages (even if they are not claimed)
  • Businesses with Google+ Business Page but NOT an existing Places page might still find themselves on the new Google+ Local platform (with an unclaimed page)
  • Businesses that have both already MIGHT have them connected or they might still be separated.

All of these scenarios are confusing to the business owner.  I am going to break it down for you right now.

Google Places is now Google+Local

A few months ago Google combined their Google Places (Google Local Business Center) into the Google+ platform and now call it Google+ Local.

There are many good points to this: Continue reading

Google Ranking: How Does Google Rank My Website?

All business owners want the answer to these questions~

How will my website get ranked in the Search Engines?


I want better Search Engine Placement ~ How can I get it?

Google Ranking

How to get your website ranked well.

The truth is Google (and the other search engines) closely guard how they rank sites.  Experts are constantly testing algorithm changes to try to guess what the changes are and how it effects websites.  Google is now putting generalities onto their blog to educate more people on how to  create quality websites instead of gaming the system.  Although the guidelines are general ~ they can be applied with common sense to get better website search rankings.  Here are a few resent announcements from Google on how they are ranking websites.

  • Google is more likely to pick text right out of the content of the site instead of using meta data or header information for search ranking descriptions.  Taking the time to optimize page content will pay off in better rankings compared to optimizing meta or behind the scenes data.
  • Google indicated they are starting to deprecate the use of ranking anchor text for inbound links.  This means that spending money for specific inbound link text is not a good place to invest.  Inbound links are still important to have but the anchor text (what the link reads) is not going to have an effect moving forward.
  • Google has added “new signals” to Continue reading

Google Plus and Gmail

Business owners ask why I use Gmail

Answer: I like to save time!

Gmail allows me to “pull” in all my email addresses into 1 location.  That was reason enough for me to use it.  Now there is another awesome reason.

Gmail and Google Plus are now integrated!

What does that mean?  When I Continue reading