Twitter Can Bring You Business

As a web designer I often get asked how to use Twitter as a business tool.  I would like to take a moment and outline what Twitter basics and what Twitter has done for my business then you might have a better idea how to use Twitter in your own business.

Twitter Basics

Blogging AutomationTwitter is a site to share short thoughts, share information, and share useful links.  It builds credibility and gives insights into the Tweeter.  Twitter is an excellent way to reach Local Internet Users.  Most business owners are looking for ways to reach their own local markets – Twitter serves this purpose very well.  There are tools designed to use with Twitter that will help you to find people in your local area.  My favorite is TwellowHood. Twellowhood will interface with your Twitter account when you sign in with your Twitter information, then find your location on the map and it will find other Twitter users in the same city.  It also allows you to follow them directly from the TwellowHood website making it very easy.

Another tool is the Search feature on the Twitter website.  Just enter your location and Twitter will bring up a list of people that have Tweeted something using the words you entered.  Not as thorough as TwellowHood but useful just the same.

A few thoughts on Following people – I follow people in my area, people that are in similar businesses, people that are in complementary businesses, people that I feel may be a potential customer, and people I find interesting.  People I do not follow – people without a Bio, Photo, or people that are obviously using Twitter as a spamming tool.  If you are mutually Following each other then Twitter is designed to send Direct Messages that go to your email – sometimes very handy.

What Twitter has done for my business

Referral Partners – I have found people that I call Referral Partners for my business on Twitter.  These are businesses that offer a service that my customers need, or a service that dove-tails onto my business.  Examples are Graphic Artists, Copy Writers, Coders, and Ecommerce website creators.

Power Partners – Businesses that share my potential customers are Power Partners.  These are businesses that work well with mine and we share contacts to build each others businesses.  Some people call this a Joint Venture opportunity.

Actual Business – I have gained clients from Twitter.  These are people that needed a website and saw what I create through various Tweets I have produced.  When I finish a site for a client I use my Social Marketing network which includes Twitter to get the word out about the new website.  I also Tweet when I am speaking locally about Social Marketing and have pulled clients from the people that have attended my free local seminars.

I hope this has given you some ideas about using Twitter to help you build your business.

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