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Google+ Business Pages

There is a lot of confusion out there today about Google+ Business Pages and Google Places pages for business.  Here is what I have observed:

  • Businesses with Places pages now have Google+ Business Pages (even if they are not claimed)
  • Businesses with Google+ Business Page but NOT an existing Places page might still find themselves on the new Google+ Local platform (with an unclaimed page)
  • Businesses that have both already MIGHT have them connected or they might still be separated.

All of these scenarios are confusing to the business owner.  I am going to break it down for you right now.

Google Places is now Google+Local

A few months ago Google combined their Google Places (Google Local Business Center) into the Google+ platform and now call it Google+ Local.

There are many good points to this:

  • Reviews are now in 1 place
  • Reviews are shared through the Google+ platform
  • Reviews have a face and name attached to them (adds legitimacy to the review)
  • There is now 1 place in Google to find your business
  • There is now 1 place to update your business
  • Google+ Business Pages are now verified (must be a legitimate business)

Advantages to using your Google+ Business Page

Google is slowly connecting all their different products into the Google+ Platform.  Currently if you have a verified business page AND a verified Places page they can be combined into 1 Business page where reviews and all the information about your business can be found.  There is also a connection between a verified Business Page and Google Adwords.  When the Adwords ads match the content on the Business Page they claim the relevancy of the ads go up – which translates into cheaper clicks (not tested by me yet).

Hangouts (Google’s free webinar system) can be associated with a Google+ Business Page.  This gives you unique content that can be replayed through your page. By posting content like:

  • Webinars (Hangouts)
  • Videos
  • Relevant Social Media Posts
  • Links to relevant articles
  • Images

Your page will gain Followers and +1’s.  What does this mean for your Business?  It will directly effect your Search Engine Placement and Ranking.  If you have more than your direct competitors you will place higher.  There is a lot involved in this – but the basic end result that all business owners need to understand it simple: On the Google+ platform social media interaction and engagement will translate into higher rankings and more traffic to your site.


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