Using Social Sites to Create Backlinks to Your Business Website

LinkedInWhen I first joined LinkedIn – I was like most average business owners – registered because someone invited me and then never completed the profile and never participated. Guess what – I never got anything out if it either! After reevaluating online networking sites I discovered a potential huge pool of people that can help my business grow in one way or another.

LinkedIn has become one of my best sources of business information and a great resource for potential customers. There are “secrets” to using LinkedIn – and now I am going to reveal the secrets to you.

  1. Fill out your profile completely – this means a current photo as well. LinkedIn’s profile area is really quite complete for an online networking site. If filled out properly you have a great opportunity to “shine”. Google will rank profile pages – This can be to your benefit or deficit – it is up to you. When searching for my name (Dotty Scott) I own the first 8 out of 10 listings on Google, with my Google Profile showing at the bottom of the page. All of these are either profiles at different Social Sites, Blog posts, or my website reference. The bottom line is trust – people do business online with people that have built up their trust and a complete profile is a great starting point for building trust.
  2. Make sure your websites and blogs are listed in your profile as something other than “My Website” or “My Blog”. Use meaningful keywords for this text. If you need instructions to make this change here is a tutorial on customizing LinkedIn.
  3. Invite business associates, referral partners, and acquaintances to join your LinkedIn Network. When sending invitations take the time to make them personal – don’t just use the generic invitation. Whenever I go to a local Networking Event I always invite the new people I have met to link up with me. This will grow your personal network and allow others that are just one step away from you to see your profile.
  4. Take advantage of LinkedIn’s Answers section. When you have a business related question then ask it of your network. If you want to know if a certain software, product, or service has been useful to others then ask. Other LinkedIn members are generous with getting your question answered so you can make a sound business decision.
  5. Take advantage of LinkedIn’s Answers section. (No I am not forgetful!) If you are an expert in some area – if you are in business for yourself you better be an expert in some area – then share with others. When someone asks a question that you can answer then take a few moments to share your expertise. Bring value to the table. This will help them and it may help you. If they like your answer best then they can assign you as the expert and this will show in your profile. I have increased my “reach” beyond just local through answering questions and I have even had job inquiries through the Answers section of LinkedIn.
  6. If you are in a position to hire workers then use LinkedIn to “ prescreen” applicants.
  7. Promote your “Public Profile” on your blog or website and in your email signature.
  8. Recommend people that have done an outstanding service or provided an awesome product to you. Ask others that have used your service/product to recommend you as well. This is another step to building trust.

Just like anything else – you get out of it what you put into it. Schedule a little time each week to spend on LinkedIn and you will be rewarded with increased traffic to your site as well as potential new business from your new found resource of online clients and customers.
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