Is Facebook Smart Advertising?

Facebook can be very useful for reaching your ideal client, if it is used correctly.  So many people are confused about what to post on Facebook, as well as how to engage their audience (if they have one).

As Coaches one of the most important ways to leverage Facebook is to increase the awareness of your brand (YOU).  If your ideal client has never heard of you, has never met you, and does not know your fans, how are they going to find you and know they need your services?

Social Media can help solve this problem.

Features on Timeline that will help you with Brand Awareness

  1. Fill out your Timeline – Enter your opening date, highlight your anniversaries, successes, wins, etc. Back fill all milestones you have had in your business and remember to enter new milestones going forward. If I were considering hiring a coach, I would want to know that the coach has a background in business success. I want to see proof of growth.
  2. Celebrate your clients – Highlight your client’s wins. People will share, like, and comment on posts about them before they will posts about you. Involving others in your Social Media plan is like a Social Media plan on steroids.
  3. Publish Photos and Videos – People will share, like, and comment on photos and videos more than any other type of content.
  4. Promote your Posts – This is a new feature of Timeline. You can now promote any post you create on your Timeline. This will force it into the news feeds of more people than would normally see your post. This does cost money so only do it on posts with a call to action.  It is a very inexpensive way to get more exposure.
  5. Create an Offer for your Fans – This is another new feature and it’s free. You can create an offer that is only available on your Fan Page. A great way to encourage Fans to actually return to your Fan Page. This also makes them feel special and gives people a reason to be a Fan.
  6. Create Custom Tabs – Create pages or tabs in your Fan Page using Applications like Cueler for Videos, Iframe Apps for contact forms, and others. Make pages where your Fans can get more information about your business. Also be sure your Fan Page is linked to your website.
  7. Share information – This seems obvious but often times is not done. The information needs to be what your ideal client is looking for. Your Fan Page is indexed in the search engines. It needs to come up when your ideal client is actually looking for your services.  This is how new people find you, get to know you, and if they like what they see, contact you. Make sure your Fan Page does not have any limitations activated (i.e. must be over 21, must live in United States). These limitation cause people to sign in before they can see your page. This also means your page is not indexed in the search engines.
Facebook Facts

Facebook Facts

Always remember that you are on Facebook for business. If you cannot relate it to business, it belongs in your personal profile or not on Facebook at all. Keep your Fan Page completely professional.