How To Attract Your Target Audience

How to Attract Your Target Audience

Who is your Target Audience?

It is hard to attract your target audience if you have no idea who they are. Defining your ideal client is the first step. You need to know:

  • How they think
  • What they are looking for
  • What they expect from you
  • What they value
  • What is essential to them

Knowing all these things about your customers will help you create content they value and are searching to learn or understand.

Answer the Questions Your Clients are Asking

When you know your clients well, you know what questions they are asking. Make sure these questions are on your website. They can be in the form of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), blog posts, or even on your main pages. If you can put the questions your potential clients are typing into search engines on your website; your website has a great chance of showing up in the search results for them. The entry point page will be the page that answers the question they asked. If you have straightforward navigation, they can see the other pages once they are on your website.

I am in the process of recording the main questions my clients ask as videos and adding them to my FAQ section.

Appeal to their Ideals

People do business with people they like and trust. They will trust you and your business if your ideals are the same as theirs. Your ideals will not match everyone’s. You are not looking to do business with everyone. You want your IDEAL client.

Make your about page stand out with your thoughts, beliefs, and ideals. You will attract similar thinking people if you can take a stand.

Take this time to tell some stories. Do not create a standard About page. Weave morals into your accounts and take a stand.  Your potential customers will find your website because you answer the questions they are searching for. They will decide to do business with YOU because your thoughts are similar to theirs.

Offer what they want to Purchase.

This seems obvious, but many miss the mark.

When I started my business, I offered website design (just like I do now). However, I did not have predefined packages. I felt every customer deserved a unique website (and I still think that way). I was getting calls from corporations that wanted huge websites. This was not my ideal client. I did not have the resources to create huge websites that usually needed custom coding.

I was also getting calls from pre-startups that could not afford to hire a website designer. Also not my ideal client.

Once I added packages with pricing, all these calls stopped. Another beautiful thing happened – the people that did call had already placed themselves into the package they wanted. It made the sales process easy.

I was selling the same service, but by offering the packages my ideal clients wanted, I could attract the right customer. All the wrong customers stopped calling. This allowed me to serve my clients better and saved me time by not fielding calls from people I did not want to work with.