Gaining Backlinks from Forums

Get higher rankings from this one strategy

Today I want to tell you one easy thing you can do to help your website rank better. And, this was brought to my attention while I was running a backlinks report on my own website.

What are Backlinks?

A backlinks report is simply a report that tells you what websites are linking to yours. As we all know if websites link to your website, then it’s a vote of confidence for that website. Google will rank you higher for certain keywords, depending on which sites are linking to you.

I was looking at this report and something very easy came to mind. A long time ago when I first started my business I participated in a bunch of different technical forums where I could go and put in a question and have somebody answer it.  I’m sure in your industry there’s all kinds of technical forums.

You’re thinking forums, that’s really old. That’s so 90s. That doesn’t work anymore.

But the the silly thing is I was there for different reason. I was there to get an answer to a problem I was having with any specific website at any given time. Usually coding problems. Those forums are still Online.

I was looking at my backlinks report and I have links from 15 years ago from technical forums who have a LIS ranking of 100%. What that means is Google 100% trusts this website. And I have hundreds of links from these technical forums going to my website just simply because in my profile for that forum, I actually filled it out with my name, business name, and a link to my homepage.

So if you are participating in any forum like that and you’re one of these people who think “oh, I don’t want anybody know who I am. I’m going to create this fake name. I’m not going to do anything. I just get my question answered” and you’re a business owner, and you have your own website. That’s your mistake right there.

Go back and fill in your profile and link it to your website. And then in the footer of all of your posts will be a link to your website which Google is picking up as a backlink. Which we want for optimization.

If you have never participated in a forum, they’re actually kind of fun. And yes, they are very 90s, but that’s okay. Like I said, stuff I did 15 years ago, that is a hundred percent irrelevant today, is helping my website rank higher.

I don’t even need the answers to those questions anymore because I use WordPress and I’m not hard coding websites. It doesn’t really matter. It’s still a link coming in.

Other Backlinks

And I looked at the other links on my report and there was a lot of them from actual client websites. As web designers we put a link in the footer that says who designed this website. Because those sites are not trusted by Google, they haven’t been around long enough, they’re not big enough.   They have an LIS listing of  zero instead of 100% which is what the forums have. So those links really aren’t helping me nearly as much as the fifteen-year-old links from when I participated in forums.

So a simple thing that you can do, if you participate in forums, go in fill out your profile. Make sure it links to your website. And you will start gaining these backlinks as well.