Have you filled in your Timeline?

Just activating your Timeline is not actually filling it in.  Before you can use Milestones (which you need to be doing) then you need to give Facebook a starting point.  I took the time this weekend to fill in my Timeline.  I actually discovered a few very important things like:

  • I had lost a year – I have been in business a whole year longer than I thought
  • It was encouraging to see how my business has grown over the years
  • It was uplifting to remember some of the Milestones along my journey
  • This is an opportunity to highlight some of your clients as well

Facebook TimelineI will be adding more Milestones from the past as I think of them.  This was a fascinating and enlightening experience.  Some of the things to add into your Timeline are:

  • Company Start Date
  • Yearly Anniversaries
  • Conferences
  • Education completed that shows your credentials or shows your knowledge growth
  • Awards received
  • Associations joined
  • Websites launched or revamped
  • Employees joining your company
  • Sales or Client goals reached
  • Any Goal reached
  • Mergers, Acquisitions, Company changes
  • Highlight Ideal Customers
  • Customer results
  • Anything that is a positive light on your business

Make sure you stick to Business Milestones.  Leave any personal ones for your personal profile.