How to Blog

Business BlogBusiness owners hear that they need to Blog ~ but have no clue How to Blog! They think it is:

  • Hard
  • Technically Challenging
  • Complicated
  • Time Consuming
  • “I am not a writer” is heard often
  • ________________ Insert any other complaint

Business Blogging: Blog with Purpose

There are many reasons to Blog.  Each of these reasons has a purpose and goal behind them. Here are a few:

  • Get your information out to the public ~ this is the main reason for people that are considered writers
  • Show your Authority and your Business Expertise ~ Great reason for Business Owners
  • Improve your website Search Engine Placement and Page Rank
  • Attract the right kind of new clients
  • Get traffic to your site from a larger variety of sources
  • Improve inbound links

How to Blog with a Purpose

As a business owner you do not have time to waste.  Each and every thing you do Online needs to lead you closer to your goal ~ closer to achieving your plan.  Here are a few ideas to keep you focused and moving forward with purpose.

  • Create 3-5 categories and make sure everything you write will fit into one of these categories.  If it does not then do not write it.
  • There needs to be at least 10 blog posts in each category before creating any new categories. This will keep your Business Blogging efforts more focused.
  • Before creating your Categories perform some basic keyword research to be sure they are words that are actually being searched, not just what you think people are searching.
  • Listen to your readers/customers and provide useful content FOR THEM
  • Make your posts more than just sales pitches ~ they need to be useful tips that people can actually implement.  This sets you as the authority and they will buy your services/products when they are ready.

Business Blogging is all about your potential and current clients.  If you make it about them you will have great success.  You can get  step-by-step training on how to blog.