3 Easy Tips to Get More Traffic To Your Website

What would you do if you had more traffic coming to your website?

Well, I would hope you would convert that into leads or clients.

What happens outside your website is equally as important as what happens on your website. When it comes to Search Engine Optimization, that means if you are not participating online outside of just your website, there’s not a whole lot of point in spending money to optimize your actual website. It’s a package deal.

Online Reviews

Tip number one is Online Reviews. Are you getting online reviews? Are you asking for online reviews? Do you have more than one place set up to get online reviews? It would help if you answered YES to all of these questions.

If not, tip number one is where you need to start. For getting online reviews, the most important place is Google, which is your Google Business Profile.

The second most important place is wherever you would be gathering online reviews. It could be Facebook, Instagram, or any social media because you can share them through that social media platform.

It could be specific to your industry. Maybe you’re a lawyer and getting reviews on different lawyer websites. I personally like UpCity as an excellent place for service providers.

Wherever it is, make sure that you start an online review strategy.

Google Business Profile

Tip number two is your Google Business Profile and other online directories. The most important is Google Business Profile because that’s your access point to getting listed in Google Maps. There’s a lot more involved with Google Business Profiles. I’ll do another video on that. That is the number one directory to be in.

From there, branch out to as many directories as you can. It doesn’t even matter if you use them. Just get your profiles, link them to your website, and fill them out. In a later video, I will demonstrate why this is so important.

Introduction Video

Tip number three is to get an Introduction video on your website. I cannot tell you how much business I have gotten by simply having an introduction video.

What is that?

It can be short. It says who you are, what you do, and whom you serve, and hopefully, it shows your personality.

If you are a fishing guide, and you want to do an introduction video, don’t wear a three-piece suit. That’s not what you will wear when you’re out doing your fishing guide business.

Be real. Show your personality. Get that introduction video out there, even if you hate it. Your customers will love it, and your phone will start ringing.

Introduction videos

If you want more tips like this, go to askdotty.com and download my free gift. There’s a form on the home page: SEO Tips, Tricks, and Hacks. Go ahead and get that downloaded, and I will see you in the future.